Event Archives for April 2010

Apr 2 Fri
I.V. Live improvability. April Fools Theme Show
Apr 5 Mon
Upcoming Events ARTIST TALK: Sam Hamill
Apr 6 Tue
Oil+Water Series SCREENING: End of the Line Introduction by Michael Albright (Film & Media Studies, UCSB)
Apr 8 Thu
Upcoming Events ARTIST TALK: Jim Nollman
Apr 9 Fri
and APR 12 MON
Magic Lantern Films 8 1/2 and Nine Double Feature
Apr 10 Sat
IHC's Archeaology RFG TALK: Interpreting Leadership through Monumentality: Late Formative Period Pukara, Peru Elizabeth Klarich (Anthropology, UCSB)
Apr 11 Sun
Upcoming Events TALK: Besa: Muslims Who Saved Jews in WWII Norman H. Gershman, fine art photographer
Apr 13 Tue
Oil+Water Series SCREENING: The Silent World Introduction by Nicole Starosielski (Film & Media Studies, UCSB)
Apr 14 Wed
Upcoming Events TALK: Participatory Planning Towards Place Making Seetha Raghupathy (IHC Visiting Scholar)
Apr 15 Thu
IHC's Identity Studies RFG TALK: Bringing the Body Back to Work: “Incorporating” Occupational Identity Karen Lee Ashcraft (University of Colorado, Boulder)
Apr 15 Thu
IHC's Visual Performing and Media Arts Award PERFORMANCE: Stacks of Obits: A Choreopoem Stephanie Batiste (English, UCSB)
Apr 16 Fri
Center For the Study of Work Labor and Democracy TALK: Killing for Coal: America’s Deadliest Labor War Thomas Andrews (History, University of Colorado)
Apr 16 Fri
IHC's African Studies RFG TALK: Re-Theorizing the African Diaspora: Metaphor, Revelation, Recognition and Consciousness Percy C. Hintzen (African American Studies, UC Berkeley)
Apr 16 Fri
through APR 18 SUN
IHC's Ancient Borderlands RFG Beyond Borders: Ancient Societies and Their Conceptual Fontiers Ancient Borderlands International Graduate Student Conference
Apr 19 Mon
IHC's Identity Studies RFG TALK: Nationalizing States Revisited Rogers Brubaker (Sociology, UCLA)
Apr 21 Wed
Future of the University Series PANEL: The Future of Publishing in the Humanities
Apr 21 Wed
Upcoming Events TALK: The Fabrication of the King: Raphael and Le Brun Reflecting on the Textile Medium Tristan Weddigen (Art History, Univeristy of Zurich)
Apr 22 Thu
Oil+Water Series TALK: Arctic and Antarctic Circles Hester Blum (English, Penn State University)
Apr 22 Thu
IHC's Citizenship and Democracy in the 21st Century RFG TALK: Indigenous Cultural Sovereignty in a Global Context James Fenelon (Sociology, CSU San Bernardino)
Apr 23 Fri
and APR 24 SAT
Magic Lantern Films Don’t Bank on Amerika Isla Vista Film Festival
Apr 23 Fri
I.V. Live improvability. Free Show!
Apr 23 Fri
IHC's East Asian Cultures RFG TALK: Coercion, Compliance and Resistance in Wartime Japan, 1942-45 Samuel H. Yamashita (History, Pomona College)
Apr 24 Sat
IHC's Evangelical Studies RFG CONFERENCE: “New” Evangelical Studies Conference
Apr 26 Mon
Magic Lantern Films Black Dynamite Free Show!
Apr 27 Tue
IHC's Identity Studies RFG TALK: The Sikh Gurdwara: Negotiating, Maintaining and Transmitting Immigrants’ Identities Laura Hirvi (Visiting Fulbright Student, UCSB)
Apr 27 Tue
Oil+Water Series SCREENING: Blue Gold: World Water Wars
Apr 29 Thu
Upcoming Events TALK: Armenia and the Middle East: Recent Political Developments in the Region Grigor Hovhannissian (Consul-General of the Republic of Armenia)
Apr 30 Fri
Center For the Study of Work Labor and Democracy TALK: Obama and the Struggle to Reform U.S. Policy Theda Skocpol (Harvard, Sociology)
Apr 30 Fri
I.V. Live improvability Oregon Trail Theme Show