Request Publicity Form

The IHC publicizes the events it sponsors or co-sponsors in several ways:

Upcoming events appear in the calendar section of the IHC website. Each event is included in the IHC’s weekly email digest of upcoming events, which is distributed to campus distribution lists and to the IHC email list. There is no fixed deadline for appearing on the website and in the weekly email digest, and all IHC affiliated events are encouraged to submit their events for publicity in these forms.

If your event is sponsored by an IHC Research Focus Group or an IHC award, a flyer may be requested. Flyers are distributed to specified departments upon request and are available for download as a PDF. Flyers are not available for IHC cosponsored events. If you are requesting a flyer, all information must be submitted no later than three weeks before your event date. For events for which you are not requesting a flyer, please submit an image to go along with your event in the online calendar and weekly digest email. If you do not have an image for use, the IHC senior artist will take liberty of using an image that she or he may feel appropriate.

To request publicity for your event, please fill in the form below. Fields with a * are required.

  • :
  • Description of the event, including a concise biography of the speaker, as it should appear in all materials. Please proofread and spell check your submission prior to submitting. Limit text to 200 words.
  • Please list in order of support, highest to lowest.
  • Please check here to request a flyer. Flyers may only be requested for RFGs or IHC award recipients. Flyers will not be produced for cosponsored events. Flyers will be distributed to specified departments upon request. If you would like additional flyers to distribute, please contact the Program and Events Coordinator.
    • • Images should be at least 1200 pixels on one of its sides (vertical or horizontal).
    • • Images can be sent in any format (JPG, TIFF, PDF, PNG, GIF)
    • • Please do not send us images already attached to a Word Document
    • • Make sure to submit images that either you own the rights to or that fall under the Fair Use Copyright, or that do not have any copyright restrictions.
    • • The IHC's Senior Artist can also provide you with an image from an archive or image bank that suits the subject of the event and also meets the legal standards.

    Online Image Archives
    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, tiff, pdf, png, gif.
  • Please provide photo credit if applicable.
  • Please include anything that you would like to add to the event information that you were unable to elsewhere in the form.