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About the IHC Meeting Rooms

McCune Conference Room
The McCune Conference Room, located at 6020 HSSB, is supported by the IHC’s Sara Miller McCune and George D. McCune Endowment. The room can seat up to 85 and has a maximum occupancy of 128 people; it is set up theater-style.

Crowell Reading Room
The Crowell Reading Room, located at 6028 HSSB, is supported by the IHC’s Hester and Cedric Crowell Endowment. The room features a central conference table that seats a maximum of twelve and a library of academic texts.

Crowell Reading and Seminar Room
The Crowell Reading and Seminar Room, 6056 HSSB, is supported by the IHC’s Hester and Cedric Crowell Endowment. The room features a central conference table and seats a maximum of 20.

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  • The IHC rooms are intended primarily as locations for academic events hosted by campus departments and programs. Priority for use of the facilities will be given to the IHC, its research sub-units, and academic departments or programs in the fine arts, humanities, and social sciences. The rooms are unavailable for use by non-academic units, student organizations, and community groups. The rooms may not be used as a regular meeting place for campus departments or as a classroom for regularly scheduled classes, but it may be used for one-time-only instructional events, with attendance limited to 100 people. The McCune Conference Room, Crowell Reading Room, and Crowell Reading and Seminar Room are housed within the Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, which is an academic unit of the University. We ask that users refrain from activities that would disrupt the normal business activities of the Center. This includes the use of live or recorded music at a high volume. The Center reserves the right to ask users to discontinue any activity that disrupts the work of its staff.

    * Reserving the McCune Conference Room does not entail IHC cosponsorship of your event. Cosponsorship information can be found here.