Event Archives for February 2012

Feb 2 Thu
and Feb 3 Fri
Events CONFERENCE: The Port Huron Statement at 50 Michael Kazin (History, Georgetown Univeristy)Tom Hayden
Feb 6 Mon
Upcoming Events READING: Basque Whaling: Discoveries behind The Whaler’s Forge Christine Echeverria Bender (author)
Feb 6 Mon
Upcoming Events TALK: Sharing Jerusalem’s Holy Places Ron Hassner (Political Science, UC Berkeley)
Feb 7 Tue
Public Goods Series TALK: Lessons from China: Past, Present and Future of Field Urbanism Renee Chow (Environmental Design, UC Berkely)
Feb 9 Thu
Upcoming Events TALK: Constructing National Identities through School Historical Narratives Mario Carretero (Psychology, Universidad Autonoma, Madrid)
Feb 10 Fri
IHC Research Focus Groups TALK: Violence, Holy War, and the Book of Revelation: Zižek and John, Together at Last Steven Friesen (Religious Studies, UT Austin)
Feb 14 Tue
Public Goods Series SCREENING: Capitalism: A Love Story
Feb 15 Wed
Upcoming Events TALK: Report From Jerusalem David Makovsky (Director, the Project on the Middle East Peace Process)Ghaith al-Omari (Executive Director, the American Task Force on Palestine)
Feb 16 Thu
Public Goods Series PANEL: Using the Ancient Greeks to Think About Public Goods: a Dialogue Greg Anderson (History, Ohio State University) Josiah Ober (Classics & Political Science, Stanford) Glenn Patten (Classics, UCSB)
Feb 16 Thu
Upcoming Events ROUNDTABLE: Leonardo: Nature, Art, and Technology Mark Rosheim (author, Leonardo's Lost Robots)Carlo Pedretti (Art History, UCLA)Sara Taglialagamba (Art History, UCLA)
Feb 16 Thu
IHC Research Focus Groups TALK: Comparative Analysis of Political Mobilization of Russian Speakers at the End of the Soviet Era: Case Studies of North East Estonia and Transnistria Keiji Sato (Hokkaido University, Japan and Davis Center, Harvard University)
Feb 16 Thu
IHC Research Focus Groups SCREENING: The Witches of Gambaga Yaba Badoe (Director)
Feb 17 Fri
Upcoming Events TALK: The Antimonopoly Tradition in Gilded Age America Richard White (History, Stanford University)
Feb 17 Fri
IHC Research Focus Groups TALK: Embodied Reasoning in Architectural Interaction Keith Murphy (Dept. of Anthropology, UC Irvine)
Feb 17 Fri
Magic Lantern Films Melancholia
Feb 18 Sat
IHC Research Focus Groups PERFORMANCE: Blue, Black, and White Donald Molosi (UCSB, Theater and Dance)
Feb 23 Thu
Upcoming Events TALK: The Cold War, Human Rights and Self-Determination Bradley Simpson (Assistant Professor of History and International Affairs at Princeton University)
Feb 24 Fri
IHC Research Focus Groups TALK: From Material Exchange in Eurasia to Liberating Appropriations in World Art Wang Haicheng (School of Art, University of Washington)
Feb 24 Fri
IHC Research Focus Groups DISCUSSION: What Is It For? Performance Studies, Part 2 Ruth Hellier-Tinoco (UCSB, Department of Music)
Feb 27 Mon
Upcoming Events TALK: Future-Tense Trauma Cinema [with reference to Cuarón’s Children of Men (2006)]. E. Ann Kaplan (English, Stony Brook University)