Event Archives for November 2011

Nov 2 Wed
IHC Research Focus Groups TALK: Getting Loose: Lifestyle Consumption of the 1970s Sam Binkley (Sociology, Emerson College)
Nov 3 Thu
IHC Research Focus Groups TALK: Building the City of The Future: Visions and Experiences of Modernity in the Akosombo Township of Ghana Stephan F. Miescher, (History, UCSB)R. Lane Clark (documentary filmmaker)
Nov 3 Thu
Upcoming Events TALK: Jerusalem Simon Sebag Montefiore (International Best-Selling Historian, author of Catherine the Great & Potemkin, Stalin, and Young Stalin)
Nov 3 Thu
through Nov 5 Sat
Upcoming Events XIV Colloquim on Mexican Literature: Las Dos Cara De La Ficcion (The Two Faces of Fiction: Masks, Costumes, Disguises, Defacement) Miryam Moscona (award-winning poet and author of Blanco marfil)Hernán Lara Zavala (author of the award-winning novel Península, península)Mónica Lavín (author of Yo, la peor)
Nov 3 Thu
IHC's South Asian Religions and Cultures RFG TALK: Humoring the Saints: Mirabai and Her Guru John Stratton Hawley (Religion, Barnard College and Columbia University)
Nov 4 Fri
IHC Sub-units TALK: Invisible Bridge: The 1970s and the Rise of Ronald Reagan Rick Perlstein (historian and journalist)
Nov 5 Sat
Public Goods Series WORKSHOP: Defending the University Rick Perlstein (journalist, author of Nixonland)
Nov 8 Tue
Upcoming Events WORKSHOP: Funding Search and Grant Writing Workshop for Graduate Students Jude Mikal (Research Development Coordinator, IHC)
Nov 8 Tue
Upcoming Events WORKSHOP: How to Find Funding for Your Research: Electronic Search Engine Training for the Humanities and Fine Arts Barbara Walker (Office of Research)Whitney Winn (Office of Research)Jude Mikal (IHC)
Nov 9 Wed
Public Goods Series TALK: Animating the Archive: Emerging Forms of Scholarly Publishing Tara McPherson (USC, School of Cinematic Arts)
Nov 10 Thu
Upcoming Events READING: An Afternoon in Celebration of the Martinique Poet Aime Cesaire Clayton Eshleman (Regents Lecturer, UCLA)
Nov 15 Tue
Public Goods Series PANEL: Arab Spring / American Autumn: Reclaiming the Public Sphere Swati Chattopadhyay (History of Art and Architechture, UCSB)Nuha Khoury (History of Art and Architecture, UCSB)
Nov 16 Wed
Upcoming Events SCREENING: La Rafle (The Round Up) La Rafle (The Round Up) directed by Roselyne Bosch, 2010, 115 min.
Nov 18 Fri
Public Goods Series TALK: Slow Violence and the Environmentalism of the Poor Rob Nixon (English, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Nov 21 Mon
IHC's New Sexualities RFG WORKSHOP: New Sexualities: From Pornetration to Illicit Erotics Mireille Miller-Young (Feminist Studies, UCSB)
Nov 29 Tue
Public Goods Series TALK: It’s a Wonderful Life: Commerce, Community and Christmas Mark Rose (English, UCSB)