Event Archives for October 2010

Oct 1 Fri
IHC's Language Interaction and Social Organization RFG WORKSHOP: But but but…: Perspectives on Particles in Context
Oct 1 Fri
I.V. Live Improvability. Opening Night
Oct 2 Sat
IHC's Food Studies RFG MEETING: Sol Food Festival
Oct 8 Fri
Center For the Study of Work Labor and Democracy TALK: Busy Dying: The United Farm Workers and Caesar Chavez on the Eve of Self-destruction Matthew Garcia (History, Brown University)
Oct 8 Fri
I.V. Live Improvability. Live Video Game Improvability
Oct 11 Mon
Upcoming Events PERFORMANCE: Stories From My Favorite Planet Daniel Pearl World Music Days
Russell Steinberg, composer/pianist
Mitchell Newman, LA Philharmonic violinist
Oct 12 Tue
Upcoming Events WORKSHOP: How to Find Funding for Your Research: Electronic Search Engine Training for the Humanities and Fine Arts Whitney Winn and Barbara Walker (Office of Research)
Oct 13 Wed
Geographies of Place Series TALK: Geographies of Place Inaugural Lecture Kim Yasuda (Art, UCSB)
"Isla Vista: A Public Research Lab"
Oct 14 Thu
Medieval Studies TALK: Who Serves Whom in Medieval Jewish-Christian Relations Anna Sapir Abulafia (Vice-President of Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge University)
Oct 15 Fri
IHC's Language Interaction and Social Organization RFG TALK: Questioning Questioning: A Discussion
Oct 15 Fri
Center For the Study of Work Labor and Democracy WORKSHOP: Democracy and Insurgency in Health Care Unionism John Borsos (National Union of Health Care Workers)
Oct 17 Sun
I.V. Live Shakespeare in Anis’Oyo’ Park McBeth! back by popular demand
Oct 17 Sun
Geographies of Place Series TALK: Achieving a Two-State Solution Moshe Halbertal, Professor of Jewish Thought and Philosophy, Hebrew UniversityRaghida Dergham, columnist and senior diplomatic correspondent, Al-Hayat
Oct 18 Mon
IHC's Ancient Borderlands RFG TALK: Ancient Northeast Africa and the Indian Ocean Trade Stanley Burstein (History, CSU Los Angeles)
Oct 19 Tue
IHC's Platform Gallery Snarled Megalopolis
Oct 20 Wed
Chicano/Latino Research Group TALK: Latinos and the Midterm Elections David Ayón (Senior Fellow, Loyola Marymount)
Oct 21 Thu
IHC's Keeping Time RFG TALK: Why Does Time Have a Future? The Physical Origins of the Arrow of Time Ulrich Schollwöck (Theoretical Physics, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich)
Oct 21 Thu
IHC's Identity Studies RFG MEETING: Welcome to the Identity Studies RFG Cynthia Kaplan (Political Science, UCSB) and Adrienne Edgar (History, UCSB)
Oct 22 Fri
I.V. Live Improvability. A Very Brady Improv Show: Free Admission for Parents
Oct 27 Wed
Upcoming Events TALK: Borders and Miracles of Art Serena Giordano
Oct 28 Thu
Future of the University Series FACULTY FORUM: What Do All Students Need To Know?
Oct 28 Thu
Chicano/Latino Research Group TALK: Jimmy Santiago Baca Winner of the Luis Leal Award for Distinction in Chicano/Latino Literature
Oct 28 Thu
Center for Cold War Studies and International History TALK: The American Friends of the Middle East: The CIA, Arabism, and Anti-Zionism in Cold War America Hugh Wilford (History, CSU Long Beach)
Oct 29 Fri
Magic Lantern Films Halloween Triple Feature Twilight: Eclipse, Young Frankenstein & Rocky Horror Picture Show