Event Archives for February 2016

Feb 3 Wed
IHC's African Studies RFG TALK: Racialized Paths to Proletarianization: Myths about Black Economic Competition, Cheap Labor, and White Vulnerability Tiffany Willoughby-Herard (African American Studies, UC Irvine)
Feb 4 Thu
The Humanities and the Brain Series TALK: Brains, Brawn and Bravery: The Power of Professional Networks among late Nineteenth Century Women Physicians Gesa Kirsch (English, Bentley University, IHC Visiting Scholar)
Feb 4 Thu
Upcoming Events TALK: Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows Melanie Joy (Sociology, University of Massachusetts Boston)
Feb 5 Fri
Upcoming Events TALK: Rucksack Revolution: Mountaineering and American Culture, 1946-1963 Maurice Isserman (History, Hamilton College)
Feb 8 Mon
IHC's Slavery Captivity and the Meaning of Freedom RFG TALK: The ‘New Abolitionism,’ The Memory of Slavery, and Alternative Models Ariela Gross (USC Gould School of Law)
Feb 10 Wed
IHC's UC-Santa Barbara Health Medicine and Care Working Group (UC-SBHMCWG) MEETING: Research workshop Maria Jansson (University of Stockholm)
Feb 11 Thu
The Humanities and the Brain Series TALK: Embodying Mind: The Case of the Sigh Aranye Fradenburg (English, UCSB)
Feb 11 Thu
IHC's Architecture and Mind RFG DISCUSSION: Architecture & Mind RFG
Feb 18 Thu
The Humanities and the Brain Series TALK: The Natural and the Supernatural in the Scientific Study of Meditation and the Cognitive Science of Religion John D. Dunne (Center for Investigating Healthy Minds, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Feb 19 Fri
Upcoming Events TALK: When the State Stops: The Unruly Demise of Federal Civil Rights Activism Desmond King (International Relations,University of Oxford)
Feb 22 Mon
IHC's New Sexualities RFG TALK: Dealing in Desire: Asian Ascendancy, Western Decline, and the Hidden Currencies of Global Sex Work Kimberly Kay Hoang (University of Chicago, Department of Sociology)
Feb 23 Tue
IHC's African Studies RFG TALK: Probing “Presence”: Photography and Policing in Colonial South Africa Lorena Rizzo (University of Bielefeld & Harvard University)
Feb 24 Wed
Upcoming Events TALK: Israelis and Palestinians: A New Paradigm? David Makovsky and Ghaith al-Omari (Washington Institute for Near East Policy)
Feb 24 Wed
Upcoming Events TALK: The Role of Narrative in Bending the Curve on Climate Change Jon Christensen (Editor, Boom: A Journal of California)
Feb 25 Thu
The Humanities and the Brain Series SCREENING AND TALK: Your Brain, My Mind: Memory, Language and Perception in Artists’ Video Laurel Beckman (Art, UCSB)Maya Gurantz (Visiting Lecturer, Art, UCSB)