Event Archives for May 2014

May 1 Thu
IHC's Machines People and Politics RFG TALK: Multimedia and the Politics of Attention in Cold War America Fred Turner (Communication, Stanford University)
May 13 Tue
IHC's Reinventing Japan RFG TALK: From Sacred Cow to Kobe Beef: Japan’s Bovine Revolution Daniel Botsman (History, Yale University)
May 15 Thu
and May 16 Fri
IHC's History of Books and Material Texts RFG CONFERENCE: Composition: Making Meaning through Design
May 15 Thu
Upcoming Events PERFORMANCE: Cross Campus Love Affair
May 15 Thu
The Value of Care Series PANEL: 2013-14 UC President’s Faculty Fellows: Making Communities Stephanie Batiste (Black Studies & English, UCSB)Veronica Castillo-Munoz (History, UCSB)
May 22 Thu
IHC's African Studies RFG READING: Stand By (Meditations on Africa and the Afterlife) Christina McMahon (Theater and Dance, UCSB)
May 22 Thu
IHC Research Focus Groups TALK: When Bad Things Happen to Privileged People: Marginalization, Representation,and the Political Construction of Crisis Dara Z. Strolovitch (Department of Politics, at Princeton University)
May 23 Fri
IHC's American Indian and Indigenous Peoples WORKSHOP: Workshop on Historical Trauma Dr. Maria Yellow Horse Brave Heart (Psychiatry, University of New Mexico)
May 27 Tue
Upcoming Events REMEMBRANCE: A Farewell to Gabo:POSTPONED
May 28 Wed
Upcoming Events Nice Jewish Girls- Radicals, Acitivists, and Rabbis Rabbi Laura Geller (Temple Emanuel, Beverly Hills)
May 28 Wed
IHC's South Asian Religions and Cultures RFG TALK: Garbha, Dvāra, Loka: Toward an Economic Theory of Early Indian Buddhist Monasticism Adam Krug (Religious Studies, UCSB)
May 30 Fri
Upcoming Events CONFERENCE: Rethinking Cesaire
May 31 Sat
Upcoming Events CONFERENCE: UCSB Medieval Studies Graduate Student Conference Keynote: Professor William Tronzo (UC San Diego)