Event Archives for January 2012

Jan 11 Wed
Upcoming Events TALK: They Think They’re Normal: North Korea beyond the Nuclear Crisis David C. Kang (International Relations,USC)
Jan 13 Fri
Upcoming Events TALK: Hidden Convictions: the Second Red Scare and the Unmaking of the New Deal Landon Storrs (History, University of Houston)
Jan 13 Fri
Public Goods Series SYMPOSIUM: Catastrophe and Security Peter Van Wyck (Media Studies, Concordia University)Andrew Lakoff (Sociology, UC San Diego)
Jan 17 Tue
Public Goods Series PANEL: Welfare as a Public Good Sharon Farmer (History, UCSB)Eileen Boris (Feminist Studies, UCSB)Alice O'Connor ( History, UCSB)
Jan 18 Wed
IHC's South Asian Religions and Cultures RFG TALK: Tomb as Temple, Guru as Murti Mark McLaughlin (Religious Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara)
Jan 19 Thu
Public Goods Series TALK: Seeking Spatial Justice and the Right to the City Edward Soja (Urban Planning, UCLA)
Jan 20 Fri
IHC Research Focus Groups TALK: Language on the Edge of the Global: Communicative Competence, Agency, and the Complexity of the Local Niko Besnier (Sociology & Anthropology, University of Amsterdam)
Jan 20 Fri
Upcoming Events TALK: Karl Polanyi, Social Democracy, and the Current Crisis Fred Block ( Sociology, UC Berkeley)
Jan 23 Mon
Upcoming Events TALK: An Evening with Dara Horn Dara Horn (award winning author of In the Image, The World to Come, and All Other Nights)
Jan 24 Tue
Public Goods Series SCREENING AND Q&A: Sushi: The Global Catch Mark Hall (director)Peter Alagona (History, UCSB)ann-elise Lewallen ( East Asian Languages & Cultural Studies, UCSB)Mike McGinnis (Environmental Studies, UCSB)
Jan 25 Wed
Upcoming Events FACULTY WORKSHOP: Diversity Research Funding: Funding sources for diverse faculty and diversity research Barbara Walker (Office of Research)
Jan 27 Fri
IHC Research Focus Groups WORKSHOP: Performing Woman/History/Legend: La Malinche Carlos Morton (Theater & Dance, UCSB)Ruth Hellier-Tinoco ( Music, Theater & Dance UCSB)
Jan 27 Fri
IHC Research Focus Groups TALK: Domestic Production and Subsistence in an Ubaid Household in Upper Mesopotamia Bradley Parker (History, Univeristy of Utah)
Jan 28 Sat
Upcoming Events MEETING: Ancient Borderlands MRG Winter Meeting Jessica Ambler (History of Art & Architecture, UCSB)