Event Archives for January 2011

Jan 7 Fri
Magic Lantern Films Nowhere Boy
Jan 13 Thu
Future of the University Series FACULTY FORUM: Is Online Education the Answer?
Jan 18 Tue
Upcoming Events TALK: America and the Holocaust
 Pierre Sauvage, Documentary Filmmaker of Weapons of the Spirit
Jan 19 Wed
Geographies of Place Series TALK: The Global Landscape of Holocaust Memorials Since 1945 Harold Marcuse (History, UCSB)Respondant: Richard Hecht (Religious Studies, UCSB)
Jan 20 Thu
Upcoming Events TALK: Spaceship Earth: A History of Ecological Designs Peder Anker (Associate Professor, Gallatin School of Individualized Study / The Environmental Studies Program, New York University)
Jan 21 Fri
I.V. Live Improvability. The NorCal VS SoCal Show
Jan 21 Fri
IHC's Ancient Borderlands RFG TALK: Women in Prehistoric Greece John G. Younger (Classics, University of Kansas)
Jan 21 Fri
Center For the Study of Work Labor and Democracy TALK: The Crisis, Los Angeles’ Black Communities, and the Failed State Debate Clyde Woods (Black Studies, UCSB)
Jan 25 Tue
Geographies of Place Series CANCELLED: Seeking Spatial Justice Edward Soja (Urban Planning, UCLA)
Jan 26 Wed
Geographies of Place Series SCREENING: Memories of Underdevelopment Introduction by Colin Gardner (Arts, UCSB)
Jan 27 Thu
Geographies of Place Series TALK: 21st Century Tuan: Revisiting “Space and Place” in the i-Age Jon Jablonski (Davidson Library's Map & Imagery Laboratory, UCSB)
Jan 28 Fri
IHC's Language Interaction and Social Organization RFG TALK: Credibility and Referential Accuracy during Asylum Hearings Marco Jacquemet (Communication Studies, University of San Francisco)
Jan 28 Fri
Geographies of Place Series CONFERENCE: Basque Whaling in the Seventeenth Century
Jan 31 Mon
IHC's Ancient Borderlands RFG TALK: Some Problems with Hubris in Ancient Greek Law David Phillips (History, UCLA)