Who We Are

Susan Derwin

Susan Derwin
T: (805) 893.8538
Office: 6046A HSSB


Christoffer Bovbjerg
Associate Director
T: (805) 893.3137
Office: 6046B HSSB

Samantha Oglesby

Samantha Oglesby
Business Officer
T: (805) 893.8727
Office: 6050 HSSB

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Casey Haughin-Scasny
Assistant Director
T: (805) 893.2004
Office: 6038 HSSB

IHC Staff

Paula Schaefer
Senior Artist

T: (805) 893.4315
Office: 6046C HSSB


Gabby Reyna
Payroll and Financial Assistant
T: (805) 893.5541
Office: 6054 HSSB

Carole Strehlow

Carole Strehlow
Contracts and Grants Coordinator
T: (805) 893.5073
Office: 6036 HSSB

David Heras

David Heras
Administrative Assistant

T: (805) 893.3907
Office: 6046 HSSB

Anna Jensen

Anna Jensen
Director of Isla Vista Arts
T: (805) 893.4809
Office: 6034 HSSB

Advisory Board

Heather Badamo, History of Art and Architecture
Julie Carlson
, English
Alenda Chang, Film and Media Studies
William Davies King, Theater and Dance
Xiaorong Li, East Asian Languages & Cultural Studies
Rose MacLean, Classics
Christina Vagt, Germanic and Slavic Studies

Current Fellows

Faculty Fellows
Utathya Chattopadhyaya, History
Mona Damluji, Film and Media Studies
Rachael King, English

Dissertation Fellows
Jéssica Malinalli Coyotecatl Contreras, Anthropology
Amy Fallas, History
Anthony Greco, History
Christina Guirguis, Global Studies
Albert Ventayol-Boada, Linguistics

Graduate Teaching Fellows
Celeste McAlpin-Levitt, English (Lead Instructor)
Kiri Avelar, Theater and Dance
Cedar Brown, Linguistics
Camille Despain, Education
Roderick Hibberd, Classics
Emily Hudson, Classics
Yiming Ma, East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies
Wolfe Randall, Philosophy
Nicole Rehnberg, History
Cypris Roalsvig, Classics
Emmanouela Schoinoplokaki, Classics
Kristen Thomas-McGill, History

Public Humanities Graduate Fellows
Please see the complete list of Fellows here

Affiliated Scholar
Dustin Lovett