Director, Susan Derwin
T +1 (805) 893.8538
Office: 6046A HSSB




Associate Director, Erin Nerstad
T +1 (805) 893.3137
Office: 6046B HSSB




Business Officer, Lauren Ferguson
T +1 (805) 893.8727
Office: 6050 HSSB
The Business Officer is responsible for managing the administrative functions and coordinating the implementation of policies, procedures, programs, activities, and program arrangements. She is responsible for the full range of management functions encompassing departmental operations, strategic analysis and planning, facilities management, human resource management, and fiscal resource management.


Administrative Coordinator, Janice Strobach
T +1 (805) 893.3907
Office: 6046 HSSB
The administrative coordinator serves as financial assistant and administrative support for the Center. Janice schedules events for the McCune Conference Room, the Crowell Reading Room, and the IHC seminar room. She administers IHC courses, serving as liaison with Registrar’s office. She is the department’s primary payroll processor.


Associate Director of Research Development for the Humanities, Fine Arts, and Education, Brandon Fastman
T +1 (805) 893.4539
Office: 2714 Ellison Hall
The Associate Director of Research Development assists faculty in developing and refining proposals for extramural grant funding.



Contracts and Grants Coordinator, vacant
T +1 (805) 893.5073
Office: 6036 HSSB





Director of Isla Vista Arts, Ellen Anderson
T +1 (805) 893.4809
Office: 6034 HSSB




Director of Magic Lantern Films, DJ Palladino





Department Financial Assistant, Selena Sweeney
T+1 (805) 893-5541
Office: 6054 HSSB
The Department Financial Assistant, under the supervision of the Business Officer, is responsible for the transactional financial efforts of the Interdisciplinary Humanities Center (IHC). Responsibilities include accounting, fund tracking and management, processing all payment related activities, and close interaction with faculty and IHC staff.


Program and Events Coordinator, Rachel Levinson-Emley
T +1 (805) 893.2004
Office: 6046C HSSB
The Program and Events coordinator oversees all aspects of IHC events and public programs. She is responsible for creating new programming in accordance with endowment bequests. She works with the Senior Artist to promote and advertise IHC programs via electronic and print media.


Senior Artist, Ruta Jamenis
T +1 (805) 893.4315
Office: 6038 HSSB
The senior artist is responsible for the production of all IHC electronic and print media, including publicity flyers and posters, the IHC website, video and still photography.



UC Student Veterans Writing Workshop Program Coordinator, Gina Funderburgh
T +1 (805) 893.3557
Office: 5045 HSSB

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