About the IHC

The IHC provides research funding to faculty and graduate students through a variety of awards, including collaborative research grants, individual fellowships and faculty release-time awards.

IHC events include lectures, seminars and conferences organized by IHC research focus groups and sub-units as well as events co-sponsored with campus departments. In addition, the IHC mounts year-long public programs on themes suggested by UCSB faculty and graduate students.

Interdisciplinary courses are offered each quarter at the IHC. A course taught through the IHC may be linked to a course in the instructor’s home department or may be simply listed with the IHC.

The IHC funds a number of research units. Research Focus Groups meet several times each quarter to share research on a given topic. IHC also provides support to a range of units who receive funding from outside the IHC and whose mission supports the IHC’s commitment to interdisciplinary.

IHC conference and seminar rooms may be reserved for IHC and non-IHC events.