Get Help from the IHC Grants Division

Due to increased workload and staffing shortages, the IHC is temporarily not accepting any new contract or grant proposals.

Please contact our Contracts and Grant Coordinator, Carole Strehlow, at for grant support resources and so we may communicate when we will be resuming contract and grant support.

The IHC Contracts and Grants Team Works with faculty to:

  • Formulate budgets and create budget spreadsheets
  • Ensure applications are compliant with UC and governmental regulations
  • Interpret agency guidelines
  • Submits to Office of Research for review*

*The Office of Research requires a mandatory proposal review before submission to the agency or sponsor.

When you are thinking of applying for extramural funding, please fill out this Proposal Assistance form. Questions can be directed to IHC Contracts and Grants Coordinator Carole Strehlow at

Dr. Barbara Walker and Dr. Melissa Bator from the Office of Strategic Research Initiatives are available to support faculty in the preparation, development, and revision of proposal narratives. Please contact us at

Recommended Timeline for Final Proposal Preparation and Submission for Grants

Business Days Prior to Agency Deadline (minimum) Administrative Unit Action
10 OR Research Development Division (Barbara Walker) final proposal narrative review (proposal design and writing, research plan, conceptual issues, formatting, etc.)
10 IHC budget preparation, sub-contract and cost-sharing coordination
10 IHC review for proposal completeness, and obtain required signatures
7 OR Sponsored Projects Division compliance review (coordinated by IHC)

Post-Award Administration

Awards can be administered and tracked through the IHC. PIs will receive monthly budget updates and can consult with the IHC grants management team on post-award spending and re-budgeting.