Funding Proposal Assistance Request

  • Extramural proposals are submitted on behalf of the UC Regents, and therefore all proposals are subject to review prior to submission. Investigators should notify IHC staff via email as soon as possible, but at least four weeks prior to agency deadline, when planning to submit a proposal. The review and institutional endorsement of a proposal requires time and cannot be left to the last minute. The Office of Research requires a complete proposal for review a minimum of seven (7) business days prior to the deadline. A complete proposal means all the pieces are present (including a final budget and budget justification). The narrative/scope of work section of the proposal may be in draft form for pre-review.
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  • Applied Research often follows from basic research, attempts to determine and exploit improvements in technology, processes, materials, methods, devised or techniques; Basic Research is directed toward a fuller knowledge of the subject under study rather than any practical application thereof; Developmental Research is the systematic use of scientific and technical knowledge in the design, development, testing or evaluation of a potential new product or service; If other, please specify below.
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