2024-25 Public Events Series: Key Passages

Key Passages

2024-25 Public Events Series: Key Passages

The IHC’s 2024-25 public events series will explore Key Passages: processes of transition and experiences of transformation—historical events, social movements, global dislocations, and journeys undertaken—that have altered thought, shifted cultural paradigms, or sparked other forms of consequential change. The series will also examine temporal passages, including ceremonies and rituals that mark significant life stages. Lastly, the series will consider passages in literary texts, musical compositions, and works of visual culture that have opened new directions in artistic fields or energized political activity.

The IHC invites suggestions for series events and external speakers. Please contact IHC Director Susan Derwin (derwin@ihc.ucsb.edu) with your ideas.

Upcoming Events

October 3, 2024