2019-20 Public Events Series: Critical Mass

What triggers reaction? Under what conditions does quantitative increase produce qualitative transformation? When does mass becomes consequential, for example, in ecosystems and social aggregates? This year’s IHC public events series Critical Mass will explore threshold moments,  impactful concentrations and tipping points in multiple registers and environments.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

Assemblage, demonstration, activism | Mass incarceration | Paradigm shifts| Electoral justice | Spectacle | Trends | Extinction | Political influence and action | Density | Mass migration, diaspora | Virality, outbreak, epidemics | Wealth | Collections and archives | Cancer | Big data | The Gray Tsunami | Exodus | Conflagration | Plastic waste | Wisdom | Wildfire | Rubicon moments | Gentrification | Desire paths |

Contact IHC Director Susan Derwin (derwin@ihc.ucsb.edu) with suggestions for speakers and topics.