The McCune Conference Room, located at 6020 HSSB, is supported by the IHC’s Sara Miller McCune and George D. McCune Endowment.  The room seats a maximum of 100 people, and is set up theater-style. (Click to view photos)

The Crowell Reading Room, located at 6028 HSSB, is supported by the IHC’s Hester and Cedric Crowell Endowment. The room features a central conference table that seats a maximum of twelve and a library of academic texts. (Click to view photos)

The IHC Research Seminar Room, 6056 HSSB, features a central conference table and seats a maximum of 24. (Click to view photos)

Room use: The IHC rooms are intended primarily as locations for academic events hosted by campus departments and programs. Priority for use of the facilities will be given to the IHC, its research sub-units, and academic departments or programs in the fine arts, humanities, and social sciences. The rooms are unavailable for use by non-academic units, student organizations, and community groups.  The rooms may not be used as a regular meeting place for campus departments or as a classroom for regularly scheduled classes, but may be used for one-time-only instructional events, with attendance limited to 100 people.

The McCune Conference Room is housed within the Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, which is an academic unit of the University.  We ask that users refrain from activities that would disrupt the normal business activities of the Center.  This includes the use of live or recorded music at a high volume.  The Center reserves the right to ask users to discontinue any activity that disrupts the work of its staff.

Reservations: Reservations for the rooms can be made by filling out this form. Suitability of a particular event for the IHC Conference Rooms shall be determined by the IHC Director. For non-IHC-affiliated events, room reservations are accepted 30 days prior to the beginning of instruction in the academic quarter for which they are being requested.

Fees: There is no charge for the use of any of the IHC meeting spaces.  Users are asked to provide a departmental account number when reserving a room; in the event that damages occur, this departmental account will be charged to pay for the cost of the repairs.

Room setup: The IHC staff is unable to provide furniture setup services; such services may be arranged through UCSB Furniture Services: 893-2732. It is the responsibility of users to restore the rooms to their original condition.  Seven six-foot and seven five-foot folding conference tables, and 100 stacking chairs are available.

Audio-visual equipment: The IHC staff is unable to provide technical support for the equipment in the conference rooms.  Technical support may be arranged through UCSB Instructional Development: 893-3549. The podium in the McCune Conference Room is equipped with a built-in Mac Mini computer, HDMI and VGA inputs for laptop computers, and a DVD player.  Users who would like to connect a Mac laptop should plan to bring a VGA or HDMI adapter.

Wireless internet access: Wireless internet access is available in all IHC conference rooms.  UCSB faculty, staff and students may access the service using their UCSBnet ID and password.  Visitors will need a temporary ID and password to use our wireless. Please contact the Network Operations Center (NOC) to request accounts at least 2 business days prior to your event.  Send your request via email to using the following format:

Event name and location: (Event X), 6020 HSSB
Number of accounts requested: (e.g. 10)
Point of contact: (Your name, email and phone number)
Start and End Date: (e.g. May 1-3, 2015)

Keys: If your event starts earlier than 8 A.M, after 5:00 P.M. or takes place on a weekend, you must call 893-3907 to arrange to pick up keys in advance.  Keys must be returned within one week of your event.  If keys are not returned during this period, they will be replaced and your account will be charged for them.

Catering: Catering of light meals and receptions is permitted in the rooms.  Users are responsible for cleaning up all food debris; if any damage is done to the rooms, your account will be charged for repairs.  For information on catering at UCSB, please see the UCSB Interim Food Service Policy.

For further information, visit the UCSB Business Services’ Frequently Asked Questions about catering.

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