Event Archives for May 2015

May 4 Mon
IHC's Identity Studies RFG ROUNDTABLE: Global Mixed Race
May 6 Wed
IHC's Reinventing Japan RFG TALK: J-Rap, AKB48, and Miku: Japan’s Musical Creativity in an Age of Free Ian Condry (Japanese Culture and Media Studies, MIT)
May 8 Fri
IHC's South Asian Religions and Cultures RFG The Infamy of Mumtaz Qadri: The Political Ontology of Blasphemy in Pakistan Najeeb Jan (Geography, University of Colorado, Boulder)
May 13 Wed
IHC's Machines People and Politics RFG TALK: Science, Secrecy, and the Soviet State Asif Siddiqi (History, Fordham University)
May 14 Thu
IHC's Identity Studies RFG TALK: Race, Religion and the Right in Immigrant America Janelle Wong (American Studies, University of Maryland)
May 15 Fri
IHC's Ancient Borderlands RFG TALK: Early Islamic and Crusader Ceramics from Jaffa: Continuity and Change Katherine Strange Burke (Archaeology,Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, UCLA)
May 21 Thu
The Anthropocene: Views from the Humanities Series TALK: Tomorrow’s Table: Organic Farming, Genetics and the Future of Food Pamela C. Ronald (Plant Pathology, UC Davis)
May 21 Thu
The Anthropocene: Views from the Humanities Series TALK: Lithorature and Other Anthropocenic Mutations Jason Groves (German, Rutgers University)
May 21 Thu
Upcoming Events CONFERENCE: SKILLS Day 2015
May 22 Fri
Upcoming Events INSTALLATION: Infinite Human Night Light (Part I) Emily C. Thomas (Art, UCSB)
May 22 Fri
Upcoming Events TALK: The Discovery of Hunger in America: The Politics of Race, Poverty, and Malnutrition, 1965-1975 Laurie Green (History,University of Texas, Austin)
May 26 Tue
The Anthropocene: Views from the Humanities Series READING: Eden Falls, A LAUNCH PAD reading of a new play
May 29 Fri
Upcoming Events TALK: Anti-Stalinist Left Intellectuals in Chile and Argentina, 1940-1970 Cody Stephens ( History, University of California, Santa Barbara)