Event Archives for January 2010

Jan 6 Wed
IHC's Identity Studies RFG TALK: Language in Post-Soviet Central Asia and Azerbaijan: Policies and Processes William Fierman (Central Eurasian Studies, Indiana University)
Jan 11 Mon
IHC's East Asian Cultures RFG TALK: On the Look and Logos of Zen Art Greg Levine (Art History, UC Berkeley)
Jan 12 Tue
Oil+Water Series SCREENING: Up the Yangtze
Jan 15 Fri
Center For the Study of Work Labor and Democracy TALK: Unequal Democracy: The Political Economy of the New Gilded Age Larry Bartels (Political Science, Princeton)
Jan 20 Wed
IHC's Performance Studies RFG TALK: Reading the Female Ghost: Tōkaidō Yotsuya kaidan on Stage and Page Satoko Shimazaki (Asian Languages and Civilizations, University of Colorado)
Jan 21 Thu
Future of the University Series ROUNDTABLE: The Future of the University: Equity and Access
Jan 27 Wed
IHC's South Asian Religions and Cultures RFG TALK: Sinister Yogis David White (Religious Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara)
Jan 28 Thu
IHC's African Studies RFG TALK: The Methodological Challenges of Researching Postcolonial African Histories Stephan Miescher (History, UCSB)
Jan 29 Fri
Center For the Study of Work Labor and Democracy TALK: The Importance of Hubert Harrison (1883-1927): The Voice of Harlem Radicalism Jeffrey Perry (independent scholar)
Jan 29 Fri
IHC's Language Interaction and Social Organization RFG TALK: “Bellas Melodías”: Failed Reification of a Newcomer’s Experience in a Target Language Community Michele Back (Hispanic Studies, UC-Riverside)