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Research Focus Group Discussion: Energy and Environmental Justice

Loma Pelona Center Ocean Rd, Isla Vista, CA, United States

Join the Re-centering Energy Justice Research Focus Group for a roundtable discussion. Special guests Sourayan Mookerjea and J. Mijin Cha will be discussants for this event celebrating a new book by UCSB researcher Tristan Partridge. Sourayan Mookerjea is Director of the Intermedia Research Studio and Associate Professor in Sociology at the University of Alberta. His work addresses Commons Theory, Decolonizing Critical Theory, Intermedia Research Creation, and Development Dispossession. Mijin Cha’s research focuses on labor/climate coalitions and ...

Disquantified Conference: Higher Education in the Age of Metrics

Loma Pelona Center Ocean Rd, Isla Vista, CA, United States

Disquantified: Higher Education in the Age of Metrics May 16-17, 2019 Loma Pelona Center and the UCen (Harbor Room) Metrics are transforming higher education. The Disquantified conference explores how they are changing teaching, research, and governance in universities. Our questions include: How are citation analytics affecting the direction of academic research and publishing? Are wage data influencing how students choose majors? Are faculty teaching differently as assessment becomes learning analytics? Have performance indicators changed ...

Taubman Symposia Talk: Arthur Szyk: Soldier in Art

Loma Pelona Center Ocean Rd, Isla Vista, CA, United States

Arthur Szyk often said, “Art is not my aim, it is my means.” Yet, his contemporaries praised him as the greatest illuminator-artist since the 16th century. He saw himself as a fighting artist, enlisting his pen and paintbrush as his weapons against hatred, racism, and oppression before, during, and after World War II. As the leading anti-Nazi artist in America during the War, Szyk also created the important and widely circulated art for the rescue ...