6th Annual AIIC RFG Symposium: Decolonizing Our Lives


The American Indian and Indigenous Collective IHC Research Focus Group's 2019 Symposium addresses and critically examines decolonization as a multi-layered project that is always-already in process. We, as Native and Indigenous peoples, and we as contemporary walkers upon these lands continue to participate (wittingly and unwittingly) in the colonial project. How can we best advance our decolonization as individuals and as communities? This is more than a rhetorical question. It is a call to action. ...


XXII Colloquium on Mexican Literature (Des)Conciertos Literarios /Literary (Dys)Functions


November 8 - Multicultural Center Lounge November 9 - McCune Conference Center November 10 - Alhecama Theatre “(Dys)function” is a play on words and something else. It is about showing the successes and failures in a composition. It happens in literature, in music, in painting, and in sculpture; in dance, architecture, photography, and cinema. It can also occur in the mixture of these genres, in the spaces in which they’re presented, and even in the ...