Public Humanities Graduate Fellows Program Courses

INT 201HT “History and Theory of Public Humanities” (Fall 2020, Fall 2021):
Friday 9-11:50 AM, HSSB 6056
Instructor: Susan Derwin
The course addresses the history, theories, and methodologies associated with public humanities. Students will also study the role of the public university in advancing democratic values and equipping citizens with the tools necessary to be full participants in society. (4 units)

INT 201SP “Skills for the Public Sphere” (Winter 2021, Winter 2022):
Friday 9-11:50 AM, HSSB 6056
Instructor: Erin Nerstad

Students hone academic research tools for uses outside of the academy; learn to communicate skillfully with diverse groups and communities; address how to build and sustain relationships with community partners; develop basic digital skills such as website design and maintenance; study grant writing and budget creation; learn about careers beyond the academy and develop job application materials. (4 units)

*Fellows must complete the two program seminars before beginning their practicum