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Keynote Address: Indigenous Knowledge and Climate Justice in a Pandemic-Prone World


Five hundred years of the colonial remaking of landscapes of most of the world’s continents have ravaged the planet in monumental ways. Empire-building has clearly benefitted people of Europe’s imperial projects while bringing catastrophic change to indigenous populations. The fallout of imperialism and all its attendant technologies has brought humankind to an existential crisis, with climate change and now pandemics as interlinked threats. This talk will bring together these issues, highlighting the wisdom contained in ...

Discussion: Indigenous Responses to Climate Injustice and Pandemics in India and Amazonia


REGISTER NOW This webinar will feature presentations about the connections between climate justice, oil & uranium extractivism and responses to COVID-19 based on Indigenous territorial knowledges. First, Oswando Nenquimo, a Waorani leader from the Ecuadorian Amazon, will tells us about the importance of the Amazon Rainforest and the role of Indigenous organizations that he is part of: Alianza Ceibo and CONCONAWEP. He will emphasize on the challenges that oil extraction has posed for Indigenous peoples ...

Discussion: Indigenous Dialogues on Root Causes: Climate Justice and COVID-19 in California


REGISTER NOW This webinar will center dialogue on the importance of Indigenous Ecological Knowledges in California, and will offer critical perspectives on the COVID-19 pandemic as a symptomatic expression of the social and ecological imbalances wrought by colonial violence and the logics of enclosure and extraction. Julie Cordero-Lamb and Hana Aqiwo Lee of the Syuxtun Plant Mentorship Collective will speak to the crucial role that medicinal plant tending, harvesting, and processing continues to play in ...