Spring 2006

Special Topics
Post Digital Painting:
New Strategies for Tradi
tional Materials
Instructor: Jane Callister
Interdisciplinary Studies 185 ST
Concurrent with Art 101
Fridays, 11:00-3:50; ARTS 2432

“Post Digital Painting” is a new course that encourages collaborative and team teaching models of learning and practice in the arts. Students from any discipline and media are encouraged to register. Students will work collaboratively to create multimedia art projects to be exhibited in the final undergraduate exhibition at the University Art Museum at the end of the quarter. For further information please contact Professor Jane Callister via email at: <jane@arts.ucsb.edu>.
Enroll Code: 56721

Visual Culture: Open Container
Instructors: Kim Yasuda & Dick Hebdige
Interdisciplinary Studies 185 VC
Concurrent with Art 105
Fridays, 11:00-4:00 PM, ARTS 0641

A research and studio exploration of the transportable and residential mobility of container culture open to graduates and undergraduates w/ instructor approval. Coursework will include field research, visiting lecturers and collaborative class container project to be presented in conjunction with the UC Institute for Research in the Arts’ First Annual State of the Arts Conference, May 19-20, 2006.
Enroll Code: 56648

Special Topics
IHC Pre-doctoral Fellowship Seminar
Instructor: Dick Hebdige
Interdisciplinary Studies 594ST
TBA, HSSB 6056

This one-unit seminar is open to recipients of the IHC pre-doctoral fellowship. Participants meet regularly throughout the year to present work in progress.
Enroll code: 56622

Translation Studies
Instructors: Suzanne J. Levine and Yunte Huang
Interdisciplinary Studies 594TS

In this course we discuss the artistic and scholarly practice of literary translation, the impact of translation on the transmission and understanding of literature and on cross-cultural formations of literary traditions and studies, and, ultimately, its impact on cultural reception.
Enroll code: 56630