Fall 2005

INT 185 IV I.V Live Catherine Cole DA 194T

Instructor: Catherine Cole (TA Beth Wynstra)
Interdisciplinary Studies 185IV / Dramatic Art 194T
Saturday 3-1150 EMBAR Hall
Monday 2-250 HSSB 3202

This course produces Improvability, a weekly performance series in Isla Vista. Students enrolled in the class get first-hand experience in the rigors of theatrical production. Under the guidance of a graduate TA, students coordinate all the logistical, technical and promotional details. IV LIVE is affiliated with Isla Vista Arts www.islavista-arts.org.
For more information, contact cole@dramadance.ucsb.edu.
Enroll code: 66837

INT 201 CD Citizenship and Democracy Howard Winant Soc 214A

Race, Ethnicity, Nation: Theory and Experience
Instructor: Howard Winant
Interdisciplinary Studies 201CD/ Sociology 214A
Monday 9-1150 ELLSN 2824

This course focuses on the meaning of race, ethnicity, and nation (REN) as sociological concepts, structures, and lived experiences. “Race” is examined as a case study in social theory, the sociology of culture, and political sociology. The concept of race is quite complex: it exhibits tremendous cross-national and historical variation, operates at both the micro- and macro-social levels, is linked to the world-historical processes of colonialism, capitalist development, cultural representations, gender regimes, etc. Although “race” has no clear meaning or scientific content, the concept stubbornly refuses to lie down and die; it continues to shape our lives and societies both intimately and extensively. Race is situated where culture meets structure, where inequality shapes identity.
Enroll code: 66480

INT 201 MT Methodology Catherine Cole DA 252

Methodology and Historiography in Performance Research
Instructor: Catherine Cole
Interdisciplinary Studies 201MT/ Dramatic Art 252
Tuesdays 2-450 HSSB 1105

Scholarly research on performance requires a wide range of skills, from conceptualizing an original and compelling research question, to gathering relevant data and constructing an interpretation of significance to a community of researchers. This course is an introduction to some of the essential intellectual and practical processes involved in conducting academic theatre and performance scholarship today. We will talk about how to formulate a project, decide which methodologies to use, write research proposals, find answers to research questions, and make persuasive claims and arguments based on evidence.
For more information, contact cole@dramadance.ucsb.edu
Enroll code: 54759

INT 594 ST Special Topics Dick Hebdige

IHC Pre-doctoral Fellowship Seminar
Instructor: Dick Hebdige
Interdisciplinary Studies 594ST
TBA, HSSB 6056

This one-unit seminar is open to recipients of the IHC pre-doctoral fellowship. Participants meet regularly throughout the year to present work in progress.
Enroll code: 54734

INT 594 TS Translation Studies Suzanne J. Levine / Yunte Huang

Translation Studies
Instructors: Suzanne J. Levine and Yunte Huang
Interdisciplinary Studies 594TS

In this course we discuss the artistic and scholarly practice of literary translation, the impact of translation on the transmission and understanding of literature and on cross-cultural formations of literary traditions and studies, and, ultimately, its impact on cultural reception.
Enroll code: 66373

INT 185 VC / 594 VC Visual Cultures Johanna Demetrakas

Speaking the Language of Film: A Filmmaking Workshop
Instructors: Johanna Demetrakas and Kum-Kum Bhavnani
Interdisciplinary Studies185VC and Interdisciplinary Studies 594VC
Times Variable, 6056 HSSB
Class Starts October 17, 4:00PM

This three-week intensive workshop, aimed at graduate and undergraduate students who are not film studies majors, offers an introduction to theoretical and hands-on skills in the arts of film making and film language. Students will view films with the instructor and will pitch, script, shoot and edit a two-minute silent film. This workshop, in engaging with film language, welcomes students who want to work in dramatic narrative and experimental and documentaries formats.
Johanna Demetrakas is an eminent Los Angeles-based film-maker – writer, producer, director and editor. Most Recently she was nominated for an Emmy in 2004 for Amandla: A Revolution in Four Part Harmony (a 2002 Sundance Film Festival Award winning film).
For more information, contact Professor Kum-Kum Bhavnani bhavnani@soc.ucsb.edu
Enroll code: 66829/66472