The IHC Grants Division can help you:

• Determine the best fit between your research idea and existing funding opportunities
• Provide editing assistance through the development and revision of your proposal narrative
• Interpret agency guidelines
• Formulate budgets and create budget spreadsheets
• Ensure that applications are compliant with UC and governmental regulations
• Provide sample successful proposals (when available)
• Serve as liaison with UCSB Office of Research for applications to private funding agencies
• Assist in forming multi-disciplinary, interdisciplinary and multi investigator teams, by identifying potential collaborators from UCSB and other institutions, and facilitating preliminary meetings.

Workshops and program officer visits
The IHC offers workshops on various aspects of research development and proposal writing, which can be tailored to a specific department or research group.  More.

Research design and proposal development
The IHC can assist you in preparing your proposals and developing your project narratives. More.

Proposal Submission
The IHC can prepare proposals so that they are complete and adhere to foundation or agency guidelines. This process includes reviewing project narratives, preparing budgets, and ushering proposals through review by the Office of Research. More.

Post-award Administration
Awards can be administered and tracked through the IHC. PIs will receive monthly budget updates and can consult with the IHC grants management team on post-award spending and re-budgeting.