UC California Studies Research Initiative competitions

UC California Studies Research Initiative competitions

Deadline March 8, 2012

UCHRI is now accepting applications in four California Studies Research Initiative competitions.  The goal of this initiative is to bring together the many interesting projects and discussions afoot on most of the UC campuses, and to facilitate their development and elaboration in robust and creative ways by providing support for new projects to emerge. This systemwide multicampus approach to California Studies aims to sustain innovative scholarship, teaching and outreach.

UCCSC Graduate Student Research Travel Grants
Up to $500 to assist later stage graduate students at UC campuses for
travel and access to archives and collections for research in California

UCCSC Systemwide Workshops
Up to $10,000 for a year-long series of system-wide workshops based on a
clear theme relating to California Studies in a global context and open to
different disciplinary approaches.

UCCSC Regional Seminars and Research Workgroups
Up to $5,000 for seminars or workshops with a regional perspective based on
the state’s three distinct but related regions: Southern California,
Central California, and Northern California. Additional funding (up to
another $5,000) is available for a digitizing or archival component and
plans for technological infrastructure designed to assist in the bridging
of the substantive geographical and cultural distances the regions face.

UCCSC Community Outreach and Teaching Grants
Up to $7,500 to support faculty research and creative work that involves
community or educational organizations in California and contributes to a
broader goal of building ties between UC campuses and off-campus

Please direct questions to UCHRI program manager Suedine Nakano at

Website: http://www.uchri.org/Funding/