Spring 2007

Spring 2007

(dir Natalie Sanderson & Sumnima Udas, 2007)
Wednesday, April 4 / 6:00 PM
Multicultural Center Theater

TALK: Radio Was Discovered Before it Was Invented
Douglas Kahn (Technocultural Studies, UC Davis)
Thursday, April 5 / 5:00 PM
Old Little Theater (CCS)
Sound in the Arts RFG meeting 3:30 PM

CONFERENCE: Latin American Drama Conference: The Works of Griselda Gambaro
Thursday, April 5 / 4:00 PM
Conference Room, Theater and Dance Building

TALK: ‘Did you have permission to smash your neighbour’s door?’: Silly questions and their answers in police-suspect interrogations.
Liz Stokoe & Derek Edwards (Loughborough University, UK)
Friday, April 6 / 1:30 PM
Phelps 2536

TALK: Buddhism in Contemporary China
Xuan Fang (People’s University, Beijing, China )
Friday, April 6 / 4:00 PM
3041 HSSB

LECTURE-RECITAL: English Broadside Ballads
Lucie Skeaping
Wednesday, April 11 / 4:00 PM
McCune Conference Room, HSSB 6020

TALK: Flat Boy Vs Skinny: Takashi Murakami And The Battle For ‘Japan’ – Part IMobile Superflat Redemption!
Dick Hebdige (IHC)
Thursday, April 12 / 12:00 PM
McCune Conference Room, HSSB 6020

TALK: America’s Peculiar State: Public Governance through the New Deal
Gary Gerstle
Friday, April 13/ 1:00 PM
HSSB 4041

TALK: Words, Words, Words … And Other Turn-Constructional Units
Emanuel A. Schegloff (Department of Sociology; Department of Applied Linguistics, UCLA)
Friday, April 13 /1:30 PM
Phelps 2536

TALK: The Gentle Strength of Tolerance: The Logical Syntax of Language and Carnap’s Philosophic Program
Richard Creath (Philosphy, ASU)
Friday, April 13 / 4:00 PM
4020 HSSB

Herman P. and Sophia Taubman Foundation Endowed Symposia in Jewish Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara 10th Anniversary Event
TAUBMAN SYMPOSIA: The Years of Extermination: Nazi Germany and the Jews, 1939-1945
Saul Friedlander (Holocaust Studies, UCLA)
Sunday, April 15 / 3:00 PM
Santa Barbara Hillel, 781 Embarcadero Del Mar, Isla Vista

TALK: Towards a Global History of Science: Promises and Challenges
Kapil Raj (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales)
Monday, April 16 / 12:00 PM
HSSB 4020

TALK: Whose Renaissance? The Peripatetic Life of Objects in the Era of Globalization
Claire Farago (History of Art, University of Colorado, Boulder)
Monday, April 16 / 4:00 PM
McCune Conference Room, HSSB 6020

TALK: Flat Boy Vs Skinny: Takashi Murakami And The Battle For ‘Japan’ – Part IIThe Protocols of Sado-Cute
Dick Hebdige (IHC)
Tuesday, April 17 / 12:00 PM
McCune Conference Room, HSSB 6020

TALK: Plato’s Dilemma: Art, Religion & Amnesia
Donald Preziosi (Art History, Oxford & UCLA)
Tuesday, April 17 / 4:00 PM
McCune Conference Room, HSSB 6020

TALK: “A Western Vision of Oriental Women:
Antoine Galland’s Translation of the Thousand and One Nights”
Jean-Paul Sermain
Tuesday, April 17 / 4:00 PM
UCen Harbor Room

TALK: Kabuki: Japan’s Total Theatre
Leonard Pronko (Theatre, Pomona College)
Thursday, April 19 / 5:00 PM
McCune Conference Room, HSSB 6020

SYMPOSIUM: Critical Race Theory and Practice
Thursday, April 19 / 3:00 PM
Friday, April 20 / 10:00 AM
MultiCultural Center Theater

TALK: Women Executives In Corporate Japan: Navigating The Tensions Between Family And Fortune
Glenda S. Roberts (Asia-Pacific Studies, Waseda University)
Tuesday, April 24 / 12:00 PM
Location: HSSB 2252

Screening of the Bengali Film Herbert
Followed by a Discussion with the Film’s Director, Suman Mukhopadhyay
Tuesday, April 24
6:00-9:00 pm
1701 Theater Dance

TALK: The 2007 UCSB Diversity Lecture: A Post-Genomic Surprise: The Molecular Reinscription of Race
Troy Duster
Wednesday, April 25 /5:00 PM
MultiCultural Center Theater

TALK: Borges in/and Translation
Willis Barnstone (Comparative Literature, Indiana University, Bloomington)
Thursday, April 26 / 3:30 PM
Girvetz 2116

TALK: he Fortunes of Piers Plowman and Its Readers
Maura Nolan (English, Berkeley)
Thursday, April 26 / 4:00 PM
South Hall 1415

TALK: What is Chinese About Chinese Art?: Archaeology, Politics, and Identity in Republican Period China (1928-1947)
Sarah Elizabeth Fraser (Art History, Northwestern)
Thursday, April 26 / 4:00 pm
MultiCultural Center Theater

TALK: Gesturecraft: Some Examples
Jürgen Streeck (Communication Studies, U. of Texas, Austin)
Friday, April 27 / 1:30 PM
Phelps 2536

CONFERENCE: Media and the Environment
Saturday, April 28 / 12:00 – 6:00 PM
Corwin Pavilion, UCen

TALK: Taking Sigmund Freud to the Guggenheim: The Erotics of Frank Lloyd Wright
Roger Friedland (Religious Studies & Sociology, UCSB)
Wednesday, May 2 / 2:00 PM
HSSB 6056

TALK: The Global and the Local: Comparing the Dynamics of Interaction
in Ubaid and Uruk Mesopotamia
Gil Stein (Oriental Institute, University of Chicago)
Thursday, May 3 / 3:00 PM / HSSB 4020

LEVITAN LECTURE: Standpoint, Subjectivity, and Gender Wittgenstein’s House for His Sister in Vienna, 1926-1928
Whitney Davis (Art History, UC Berkeley)
Thursday, May 3 / 4:00 PM
McCune Conference Room, HSSB 6020

PANEL: Sensory Experiences in Mystical Traditions
Thursday, May 3 / 7:30 PM
McCune Conference Room, HSSB 6020

WORKSHOP: Synaesthesia in Mystical Traditions,
the Arts, and Cognitive Neuroscience
Friday, May 4 / 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM / Harbor Room, University Center (UCen)

SYMPOSIUM: Interrogating African Modernity: Art, Cultural Politics, and Global Identities
Friday, May 4 / 9:00 AM
McCune Conference Room, HSSB 6020

TALK: “A Virile and Meaningful Democratic Left?” Making Sense of Political Ideology in California in the Post-World War II Era
Jonathan Bell (History, University of Reading, UK)
Friday, May 4 / 1:00 PM / HSSB 4041

TALK: Doing Gender Categorization:
Use and Suppression of Gendered Pronouns in Talk About Drag Queens
N.L. Klein (Sociology, UC Santa Barbara)
Friday, May 4 / 1:30 PM / Phelps 2536

TAUBMAN SYMPOSIA: Jews in Crisis? Anti-Semitism in France Today
Jonathan Judaken (University of Memphis)
Sunday, May 6 / 3:00 PM
Bronfman Family Jewish Community Center, 524 Chapala Street, Santa Barbara

TALK: Talking in Tongues: Translating Others and Myself
Peter Wortsman
Tuesday, May 8 / 4:00 PM
McCune Conference Room, HSSB 6020

TALK: The Spectacle of Art on the Grand Tour in Rome
Carole Paul, (History of Art and Architecture, UC Santa Barbara)
4:00 PM, Tuesday, 8 May 2007
Room 6056 in the IHC in HSSB at UCSB

VISITING ARTIST: You Said It Wouldn’t Hurt:
Revisualizing History Through the Grotesque
Rajkamal Kahlon
Tuesday, May 8 / 5:00 PM / IV Theater 2

TALK: New Voices, New Challenges, and New Opportunities in Hindu Studies
Tracy Pintchman (Religious Studies, Loyola University Chicago)
Wednesday, May 9 / 3:00 PM / HSSB 3041

SYMPOSIUM: The Future of Multi-Media Digital News and Cultural Networks
Keynote: Forrest Sawyer
Friday, May 11 / 8:00 PM
Corwin Pavilion, University Center (UCen)

TALK: Between Text, Artifact and Anthro-pology: Recent Excavations in Biblical Edom
Thomas E. Levy (Anthropology & Judaic Studies, UC San Diego)
Monday, May 14 / 5:00 PM
McCune Conference Room, HSSB 6020

Andrea Fraser (Art, UCLA)
Tuesday, May 15 / 4:00 PM
McCune Conference Room, HSSB 6020

GRADUATE COLLOQUIUM: Culture, Gender, and Aesthetics
Mike Frangos (English, UCSB) and
Annalisa Zox-Weaver (English, USC)
Wednesday, May 16 / 2:00 PM / HSSB 6056

VISITING ARTIST: You Said It Wouldn’t Hurt:
Revisualizing (South Asian) History through the Grotesque (Rajkamal Kahlon)
Wednesday, May 16 / 4:00 PM / HSSB 3041

CONFERENCE: 13th Annual Conference on
Language, Interaction, and Social Organization
May 17-19, 2007 / McCune Room, HSSB 6020
Pre-registration: $15 for students and $20 for faculty
On-site registration is an additional $5 charge

CONFERENCE: Sixth Annual UCSB Medieval Studies Graduate Student Conference: Civic Culture: Cities and Towns in the Middle Ages
Edward Muir (Northwestern University)
Saturday, May 19 / 9:30 – 5:00 PM
Centennial House, UCSB

SYMPOSIUM: Language and the Body in a Material World
Sunday, May 20 / 8:30 AM
McCune Conference Room, HSSB 6020

PANEL: Performing Profanities
Wednesday, May 23 / 11:00 AM
McCune Conference Room, HSSB 6020

FILM: Salo o le 120 Giornate de Sodoma
Wednesday, May 23 / 2:00 PM / HSSB 6056

TALK: Zisa and Cuba: Gardens and the Image-Performative
William Tronzo (Stanford Humanities Center)
Thursday, May 24 / 4:00 PM / Lobero Room, University Center (UCen)

TALK: China, The U.S., And The Power-Transition Theory
Steve Chan (Political Science, University of Colorado)
Friday, May 25 / 12:00 PM / HSSB 2252

TAUBMAN SYMPOSIA: Post Hava-Nagila: Defining a New Relationship with Israel
Larry Garber (New Israel Fund)
Tuesday, May 29 / 7:30 PM / Santa Barbara Hillel, 781 Embarcadero Del Mar, Isla Vista

VISITING ARTIST: The History of Sound in the Arts
Liz Phillips
Wednesday, May 30 / 3:00 PM / McCune Conference Room, HSSB 6020

TALK: A New Kind of Star: Rock & Roll and the Politicization of Celebrity
David Shumway (Carnegie Mellon)
Wednesday, May 30 / 6:00 PM / McCune Conference Room, HSSB 6020

Media Arts & Technology presents: INTIMATE TRANSACTIONS, a trans immersive interactive installation
The Transmute Collective (AUS)
Dr. Keith Armstrong, artistic director
June 4-June 6, 2007 Hours: 10am-5pm
California Nanosystems Institute (CNSI), 2nd floor
Interaction Visualization Lab, room 2611

TALK: Is it Really the End of Everything?
David Summers (History of Art, University of Virginia)
Tuesday, June 5 / 4:00 PM / McCune Conference Room, HSSB 6020