Annual UC Society of Fellows meeting April 18-19 at UCLA

Annual UC Society of Fellows meeting April 18-19 at UCLA

Program Schedule

12:00        Welcome and Introductions

12:30-1:30    Faculty Fellow Panel 1

Crisis and/in Counternarratives

The Falls of Rome: Responses to Crises, 270-604
Michele Salzman, History, UC Riverside

Growing Up with the Country
Kendra Taira Field, History, UC Riverside

Fear and Democracy in Postwar Germany
Frank Biess, History, UC San Diego

The French Connection: Henri Corbin and Iran, Islam, Philosophy and Revolution
Roxanne Varzi, Anthropology, UC Irvine

1:30-2:15    Graduate Fellow Breakout Session 1

A: Scenes of Cultural Exchange

Reorienting Khrushchev’s Russia: Indo-Soviet Cultural Diplomacy, 1948-1968
Jeremiah Wishon, History, UC Riverside

Assembling Maori Architecture: Indigenous Knowledge and Expert Collaboration in an Emerging Science
Jacob Culbertson, Anthropology, UC Davis

The Art of Parties: Downtown New York Cultural Scenes, 1978-1983
Kristen Galvin, Visual Studies, UC Irvine

B: Acting and Expressing the Self

The Brandished Lyric: Form, Temporality and the Lyric I
Anna Finn, English, UC Irvine

Embodied Rational Agency
Yannig Luthra, Philosophy, UCLA

In Corporation: Lecoq-Based Pedagogy’s Body-Bound Theory and Cognitive Science
Maiya Murphy, Theater & Dance, UC San Diego

2:15-3:15 pm    Faculty Fellow Panel 2

Textual Excavations/Resistant Histories

The Worlding of Marco Polo
Sharon Kinoshita, Literature, UC Santa Cruz

The Origins and Evolution of Journalistic French: From the First Periodical (1631) to the French Revolution (1789)
Mairi McLaughlin, French, UC Berkeley

Representing October 17: Algeria, France and the Writing of History
Lia Nicole Brozgal, French and Francophone Studies, UCLA

Insurgency Interrupted: Cuban Slaves and the Resistance Movements of 1843-1844
Aisha Finch, Gender Studies and Afro-American Studies, UCLA

3:15-3:30        Coffee Break

3:30-4:15        Graduate Fellow Breakout Session 2

A:  Language, Cinema, and Literary Effects

Mechanical Reproduction in the Age of Immediacy
Daniel Clinton, English, UC Berkeley

A Theory of Nominal Concord
Mark Norris, Linguistics, UC Santa Cruz

In the Realm of the Sexes: The Political Theory of Sex on Screen, 1968-1982
Damon Young, Film & Media, UC Berkeley

B: The Local Community In Distress

National Reform and Municipal Revolt in a Revolutionary Spain: Seville and Western Andalusia, 1766-1823
Charles Nick Saenz, History, UC San Diego

Seeing Through Violence: Murder and Gentrification in West Oakland
Jeffrey Schonberg, Medical Anthropology, UC San Francisco

The Smell of Petroleum: Citizenship, Health, and Insecurity in “Revolutionary” Ecuador
Nicholas Welcome, Cultural Anthropology, UC Riverside

4:15-5:00 pm        Graduate Fellow Breakout Session 3

A: Virtual Reproductions

Beyond Words: The Visual Turn in Jacobean England
Pavneet Aulakh, English, UC Santa Barbara

Talking about Things: A Cognitive Approach to Digital Heritage and Material Culture Studies in Archaeology
Paola Di Giuseppantonio Di Franco, World Cultures, UC Merced

Psychonautic Media
Anastasia Yumeko Hill, Film & Media Studies, UC Santa Barbara

Group B: Literacies of Geographic Spaces

Sentimental Literacies: Grief, Writing, and American Indigenous Rights, 1820-1920
Sarah Klotz, English, UC Davis

On the Threshold of Eurasia: Intersecting Discourses of Empire and Identity in the Literature of the Russian Empire
Leah Feldman, Comparative Literature, UCLA

Wetland Americas: Mapping a Literary History of New Orleans
Matthew Suazo, Literature, UC Santa Cruz

5:00-6:00 pm         Faculty Fellow Panel 3

Playing with Time/Space/Identity

New Urban Practices and Configurations of Public Space in São Paulo
Teresa Caldeira, City and Regional Planning, UC Berkeley

Mondo Nano: Fun and Games in the World of Digital Matter
Colin Milburn, English, UC Davis

Consciousness and the Passage of Time
Geoff Lee, Philosophy, UC Berkeley

Too “Chinese” to play a “Chinese”: Anna May Wong, the Segregationist Era, and American Cinema
Yiman Wang, Film and Digital Media, UC Santa Cruz

6:30-9:30 pm        Reception + Public Event at Fowler

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