Graduate Collaborative Awards

  • List all other sources to which you have applied or plan to apply for funding
  • Attachments

  • 5 pages, double-spaced and a bibliography (1-2 pages)

    PROJECT DESCRIPTION GUIDELINES: The project description should:
    • ● state the objectives, ideas, and interdisciplinary methodology of the project
    • ● discuss the project’s significance and originality with reference to current scholarship and/or arts practices
    • ● if the project is part of an ongoing series of similar events/projects or a recurring conference, explain how the current project or convening productively extends previous work and how the themes and topics to be addressed advance the interdisciplinary objectives of this award
    • ● explain the new, interdisciplinary knowledge and scholarship the project will generate and its broader impacts (e.g. on campus culture or specific communities)
    • ● state the particular expertise and potential contribution of each participant
    • ● define the project’s target audience(s) and the form(s) in which it will be disseminated
    • ● include a timetable and work plan, specifying project activities and names of outside speakers who have been or will be invited

    PDF File Required
    Accepted file types: pdf.
  • 2 pages maximum. PDF File Required.
    Accepted file types: pdf.
  • A preliminary budget (briefly explain any budget items that are not self-explanatory; the IHC does not fund equipment costs). PDF File Required
    Accepted file types: pdf.