Re-Membering: Creating memories/histories

Re-Membering: Creating memories/histories

Ruth Hellier-Tinoco  (UCSB Music, Theater & Dance) and Carol Press (UCSB Theater & Dance)
Monday, April 9 / 7:00 PM
TD 1703

Creative processes and creativity in interdisciplinary performance-making and educational contexts provide the focus for this session. Grounded in a principle of the profound significance of creativity as an active and ongoing practice in shaping understanding of self and others, enriching and filling life with meaning and dynamic relations, we discuss creative involvement, on many levels of subjective experience, as a connection to our actions and to our values, and explore ways in which memories and histories are used to create performances (and correspondingly how performances create memories, histories and herstories).

Ruth Hellier-Tinoco is a scholar, creator and performer. Her recent publication, Embodying Mexico: Tourism, Nationalism and Performance engages with performance studies, ethnomusicology, dance studies, and theatre studies.

Carol M. Press is a dance scholar and choreographer, who teaches dance history.  She is the author of numerous articles and a monograph, The Dancing Self: Creativity, Modern Dance, Self Psychology and Transformative Education.

Sponsored by the IHC’s Performance Studies RFG in association with Primavera: UCSB’s Festival of Contemporary Arts and Digital Media