2013 Platform Gallery Exhibition: Post-Human Nature

Nations now possess computer-augmented militaries, where soldiers are accompanied or replaced by remote technicians and combat systems make more autonomous decisions about tactics and strategy. Drone warfare forces soldiers and civilians to confront the shifting boundaries between physicality, robotics and ethics. What might future warriors look like? How will propaganda or attempts to rally the human spirit during wartime change? How will empathy, suffering, and the role of human instinct be reconsidered? How do we “extend” ourselves through the use and understanding of military technology (physically, aesthetically, and emotionally), resulting in creation of posthuman identities? How do these questions and concerns manifest in literature and visual arts? Post-Human Nature invites submissions by artists and writers who incorporate the following topics in their work and process, including but not limited to: man-machine symbiosis, ubiquitous computing, augmented/virtual reality, information noise, artificial intelligence, remote sensing, and robotics. 

Post-Human Nature is a response to our previous exhibition, Collective Intelligence: Early Human Narratives, in which artists and writers explored relationship between technology and narrative production/re-interpretation. This show will focus on works that address the notion of self-displacement through technology. 

Abinadi Meza
Black Box Recorder

Alecsandra Dragoi
New Year’s Traditions in Romania

Alex Givens

Cathy Ellis
Fault the Ride

Dillon Marsch
Invasive Species

Janice Lee

Janice Lee
Kerotakis 1

Janice Lee
Kerotakis 2

Joe Johnson
Natural Display

Joe Johnson

Josh Bricker
Post Newtonianism

Juha Arvid-Helminen
Untitled Portrait II

Kristin Cerda
A Whiter Shade of the Lack

Robert Lisek
Prime Engine 1

Robert Lisek
Prime Engine 2

Santiago Forero
Sci-Fi Stage No 1

Santiago Rivas
From the series: Sad Collages, Sin Receta