2011 Platform Gallery Exhibition: Suburbia

Where Snarled Megalopolis visualized the organic shapes generated by cities out of control, Suburbia will highlight landscapes and architectures characterized by regulation, uniformity, and standardization. These landscapes are visions of nostalgia, constructed as rings around cities, bridges between cities, islands that echo cities, or pockets inside the cities.

These spaces long for a return to a bucolic paradise yet are trapped in a frenetic geometrization towards a sterilized utopia. As an international show, Suburbia presents a global perspective on the way repetitive and planned landscapes are interpreted and formed in other cultures, creating a multicultural rendering of both the motivations to form these spaces and the psychologies that suburbs generate.

Travis Shaffer
Eleven Mega Churches (Central Christian Church, Henderson, NV)

Gina Randazzo
Shopping #16

Hannah Rose Vainstein
For This Time Being

Hans Gindlesberger

Jared Flores

Jean-Pierre Hebert
Invisible Suburbs

Joe Johnson
Home 2

John Horvath

Juliene Eirich Dogil
Maeul, the German Vilage in South Korea 1

Juliene Eirich Dogil
Maeul, the German Village in South Korea 5

Lori Laruso
In Between

Paula Winograd
Homage to My Neighbors-a Panoptic Dream

Sarah Ross
Architectures for a Comfort Class

Shane Tolbert
Painting 2

Shane Tolbert
Painting 3

Tom Berenz