2010 Platform Gallery Exhibition: Snarled Megalopolis

This exhibition collects artists’ visualizations of vertiginously growing megacities and their impulsive structures and grids.  Featuring the work of fourteen individual artists from around the world, Snarled Megalopolis will explore a wide range of urban configurations — slum, favela, comuna, barrio de invación, taudis, shantytown.

This exhibition gathers art pieces based on unplanned urban growth of different megacities, showing how these spaces reflect and shape local political, cultural, and religious practices, and focusing on the common configuration of the urban grid.

Angelica Zorrilla

Catalina Jaramillo
Bosque Interno

Daniela Campins
Caracas Invisible

Diego Contreras

Jonathan Cecil
Superfun Los Angeles

Karim Estefan

Leonardo Vargas,

Michael Powell
I Go to This Window

Nicolas Van Hemelryck
Surgery Room

Salman Bahkt

Saul Gray-Hildenbrand

Sebastian Daza
Edificio Inteligente

Shane Tolbert
Prayer of a Miner’s Child