Ancient Borderlands Research Focus Group

Ancient Borderlands Research Focus Group

Winter 2011-2012

Friday, October 14 (12pm, HSSB 4041)
Michele Salzman (UC Riverside)
“Elite Contestations, Space and Ideology after the Sack of Rome in 410

Friday, October 14 (3pm in TBA)
Emily Gowers (Cambridge)
Saturday, October 15 (9:15-4 in HSSB 6020)

Multi-Campus Research Group Meeting
Monday, October 17 (5pm, HSSB 6020)
Deborah Carlson (Texas A&M)
“The Tektaş Burnu Shipwreck: Shedding New Light on Classical Ionia”
Friday, October 28 (12pm, HSSB 4041)

Vicky Ballmes (UCSB)
“Yours and Mine, But Not Ours: The Toledot Yeshu and Identity Construction in Late Antiquity”
Friday, November 4 (4pm, HSSB 4041)

Tonio Hoelscher (Heidelburg)
“Penelope in Persepolis or The Power of Images to Stop War with an Arch-Enemy”
Tuesday, November 15 (5pm in TBA)
AIA: Alice Ann Storey (University of New England-Armidale)

Spring 2012

Tuesday, 03 April, 5:30pm in*HSSB 6020
Andrew Goldman (Gonzaga University)
In Search of King Midas: New Discoveries and Reinterpretations at Gordion (Turkey)

*Friday, 13 April to Sunday, 15 April in*HSSB 6020
Third Biennial Borderlands Graduate Student Conference: Conflict, Consensus, and the Crossing of Boundaries in the Premodern World

*Friday, 20 April at 4:00pm in* TBA
Nicolas Purcell (Oxford University)

*Friday, 18 May at 4pm in*HSSB 6020
John Hyland (Christopher Newport U.)
The Great King and the Sea: Achaemenid-Greek maritime frontiers

*Friday, 25 May*
Touraj Daryaee (Irvine)
Sasanian Logic and Ideology of War against the Romans