Bioremediation in the New NOLA

Bioremediation in the New NOLA

Ido Haar (editor of I Am Carolyn Parker, dir. Jonathan Demme)
Friday, April 8, 2011/12:00 PM
2135 Social Sciences and Media Studies Building (SSMS)

Reclaiming home in the wake of disaster is the theme of this month’s meeting of the Environmental Media Initiative Research Group (EMIRG). The discussion focuses on post-Katrina New Orleans as seen through the lense of documentary film. Visiting international filmmaker Ido Haar will show clips from a just-completed film he edited for Jonathan Demme entitled I Am Carolyn Parker, profiling a community activist from the Holy Cross neighborhood of the Lower 9th Ward. The format for this meeting is a 10-minute screening of the film clips, after which Ido Haar will talk for 10 minutes, and then the conversation opens up to the entire group.

Sponsored by the Carsey-Wolf Center’s Environmental Media Initiative Research Group (EMIRG) and the IHC’s Geographies of Place series.


In light of the recent disaster in Japan, we are opening up the format of this meeting.

We want to ask ourselves: “Is there anything we can learn from post-Katrina research and experience that might be applicable to Fukushima?”

The new plan is to invite a conversation from our different disciplinary perspectives about media and the environment, not only on the subject of post-Katrina but on earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural occurrences as precipitating factors but not entire causes of environmental calamities and human suffering.

The internationally acclaimed filmmaker Ido Haar will show clips from a brand new post-Katrina documentary by Jonathan Demme and then we will talk.

Topics might include:
*the earthquake in Japan/Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant
*flooding in Pakistan
*social ecology: man-made environments and natural disasters
*how do environmental media figure into the conversation, both as investigative instruments and communications outlets?

Hoping to see many of you in attendance.  We welcome your knowledge and thoughts for a lively conversation across the disciplines.