Mediating the Nonhuman and the 6th Annual Digital Humanities Research Slam

Mediating the Nonhuman and the 6th Annual Digital Humanities Research Slam

Friday-Saturday, March 15- 16th
2635 South Hall

The Transcriptions Center’s “Mediating the Nonhuman” conference will take up questions of how media and narrative frames shape how we understand and interact with contemporary events and processes that take place on nonhuman scales: ecological time, high-frequency stock trades, nonhuman cognition, nanotechnology, big data, and more. The Digital Humanties Research Slam—the premier annual digital humanities event at UCSB, now in its sixth year—takes up a related set of questions through experiments in the digital humanities: how do acts of digital encoding and remediation enable us to see traditional and new objects of study, on human and nonhuman scales, in new ways?

The Conference will take place on Friday and Saturday, with a session for the Research Slam on Friday. Please see more on the Transcriptions Center webpage:

Sponsored by the English Department’s Transcriptions Center, the Center for Information Technology and Society, the Dept. of Comparative Literature, the Dept. of Film and Media Studies,  the Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese, and the IHC.

Keynote Speaker: N. Katherine Hayles (Literature, Duke)
Rita Raley (English, UCSB), respondent
Nathan Brown (English, UC Davis)
Mark Goble (English, UC Berkeley)
David Golumbia (English and MATX, Virginia Commonwealth University)
Michael North (English, UCLA)
Jennifer S. Rhee (English, Virginia Commonwealth University)

2635 South Hall, March 15-16th

FRI 1:00pm: Film
Michael North (UCLA): The Cameraman’s Revenge: Starewicz and Scientific Imaging
Mark Goble (UCB): How the West Slows Down
Scott Selisker: “Stutter-Stop Flash-Bulb Strange”: Windup Girl and the Aesthetics of Genetic Modification

Katie Kelp-Stebbins: Monsters Before the Cannibal Eye: Situated Knowledges and Hybrid Comics
Elizabeth Shayne: Digital Monsters: Frankenstein on the iPad
Claire Ihlendorf: Twitterizing La Tumba
A.J. Patrick Liszkiewicz: Museum of the Microstar
Zach Horton: SWERVE

FRI 4:30pm: Keynote
N. Katherine Hayles (Duke): Autonomous Algorithms and Flash Crashes: The Role of the Nonhuman in Finance Capital
Rita Raley, respondent

SAT 9:00am: New Media
Jeremy Douglass and Zach Horton: Macro / Micro / Reading
Dana Solomon: Load Data: Data Visualization as Data Mediation
Sarah Townsend: Animism, Agency, and Aztec Gods: Radiophonic Pedagogy in 1930s Mexico

SAT 11:00am: Systems
David Golumbia (VCU): Robert Rosen and the Unfinished Deconstruction of Mechanism
Nathan Brown (UCD): The Technics of Prehension: On the Photography of Nicolas Baer
James Pulizzi: Simulated Universes and the End of History

SAT 1:30pm: Robots
Ayhan Aytes (UCSD): Intelligent Machines: On the Boundary Between the Human and the Nonhuman
Jennifer S. Rhee (VCU): Drones: Narratives and Counternarratives