IHC congratulates its Spring 2011 Faculty Fellows and 2011-12 Predoctoral Fellows

IHC congratulates its Spring 2011 Faculty Fellows and 2011-12 Predoctoral Fellows

Faculty Fellows – Spring 2011

Release Time
Thomas Carlson, Religious Studies, Toward the Heart of the Secular: On Modernity as a Form of Love
Lisa Jacobson, History, Fashioning New Cultures of Drink: Alcohol’s Quest for Legitimacy after Prohibition
Gabriela Soto Laveaga, History, Sanitizing Revolt: Physicians, Public Health, and Repression in Mexico, 1964-1968

Collaborative Projects
Eileen Boris, Feminist Studies; Patricia Cline Cohen, History, The Past, Present, and Future of Feminist Studies
Risa Brainin, Theater and Dance, Entangled: A World Premiere
John Foran, Sociology; Richard Widick, Orfalea Center, Earth in Crisis: The Emergence of New Political Cultures for Global Climate Justice
Cynthia S. Kaplan, Political Science; Adrienne Edgar, History, Kazakhstan: The Meaning of Language for Ethnic and National Identity
Christina McMahon, Theater and Dance; Stephen Miescher, History; Jude Akudinobi, Black Studies, Gender, Creative Dissidence, and the Discourses of African Diaspora: A Colloquium in Honor of Ama Ata Aido’s 70th Birthday

Pre-Doctoral Fellows 2011-12

Megan Carney, Anthropology, The Other Side of Hunger: Transborder Food Environments; Health and Citizenship: An Ethnographic Portrait of the Everyday Lives of Latina Immigrants in Santa Barbara
Nicole Pacino, History, Prescription for a Nation: Public Health in Post-Revolutionary Bolivia, 1952-1964
Daniel Reynolds, Film and Media Studies, Forms and Platforms: Emergence, Media, and the Contemporary Mind
Jean Smith, History, Race and the Politics of British Migration to Southern Africa, 1939-65
Li (Lily) Wong, Comparative Literature, Deflowering Attachments: Prostitutes, Popular Culture, and Affective Networks of Chineseness