How to Explain Pictures to a Live Paro

How to Explain Pictures to a Live Paro

Sahar Sajadieh (Media Arts & Technology, UCSB)
Thursday, Jan 26th, 4:00 PM at UCSB Glass Box Gallery
Reception at 3:45pm

“How to Explain Pictures to a Live Paro” is an interactive durational performance artwork about gun control policies in the US, and the safety and security of students. It is an invitation to a conversation about these issues and a tribute to the students who have lost their lives in shooting incidents at schools. The artist will be performing with Paro, a robotic baby harp seal (a therapeutic robot), which is scientifically proven to be helpful in hospitals, elderly houses, and trauma therapy. Paro has come to help facilitate the interaction, communication, and healing through a dialogue that has been long postponed in our community.

You can also check out #DearParo on Facebook at 4:00pm PT on Thursday, Jan 26th, to see the video live, and virtually interact with the piece and other live audience members online.

Sahar Sajadieh is a media and performance artivist (artist/activist) and scholar. Sahar was a graduate fellow at IHC last year and is currently a PhD candidate in the Media Arts and Technology program at University of California, Santa Barbara. For Sahar, art practice is a means to explore and provoke dialogue about unspoken sociopolitical issues in our contemporary culture.

Sponsored by the Dept. of  Media Arts & Technology  and the IHC Pre-Doctoral Fellowship.