Histories of the Japanese Book: Past, Present, Future

Histories of the Japanese Book: Past, Present, Future

May 31–June 2
McCune Conference Room, 6020 HSSB

The Summer Institute will serve as a forum for intensive exploration of topics relating broadly to Japanese book history and the ways in which knowledge and reading experiences are structured by material form.

Issues that may arise include:
the past, present, and future of books, magazines, & journals
printing, publication, & circulation
library collections of Japanese books inside and outside Japan
online databases and other resources

The main events of the Summer Institute will take place over three days, encompassing presentations and discussion relating to Japanese books in the (historical research, analysis of books etc.)  and to the present and future of Japanese books (the potentials and pitfalls of the digital humanities, how digital tools alter the types of questions researchers can pose, the future of publishing, etc.).

Please click here for a full schedule of events and list of speakers.

Sponsored by the Japan Foundation, the Association for Asian Studies Northeast Asia Council, College of Letters and Sciences, the  Dept. of East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies, UCSB Takashima Endowed Chair, and the IHC.