TALK: Zimbabwe’s Cinematic Arts

Katrina Daly-Thompson (Applied Linguistics, UCLA)
Friday, April 26 / 12:00 PM
IHC Research Seminar Room, 6056 HSSB

This timely talk reflects on discourses of identity that pervade local talk and texts in Zimbabwe, a nation beset by political and economic crisis. As she explores questions of culture that play out in broadly accessible local and foreign film and television, Katrina Daly Thompson shows how viewers interpret these media and how they impact everyday life, language use, and thinking about community. She offers a unique understanding of how media reflect and contribute to Zimbabwean culture, language, and ethnicity. If you are interested in reading a chapter of her book, Zimbabwe’s Cinematic Arts, prior to the talk please email  Mhoze Chikowero at for a copy.

Sponsored by the IHC’s African Studies RFG and the IHC’s Machines, People, and Politics RFG.



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