This year the Interdisciplinary Humanities Center’s public events series will explore the forces that shape boundaries, the energies that collect around them, and the urgencies that spur their crossing. Under certain conditions, movement across boundaries can liberate, empower, and stimulate creativity, while under different conditions, it can cause trauma, anxiety and loss. Crossings + Boundaries will consider diverse experiences and phenomena of boundary crossing — institutional, political, cultural, artistic, gendered, psychological, and more.

We invite proposals for events in the humanities and arts, such as lectures, performances, dialogues and panels, about crossings and the nature of the boundary itself. We also encourage submission of collaborative proposals from more than one academic unit and proposals that include undergraduate and graduate student participation, for example, by incorporating an event into coursework.

Proposal topics may include, but are by no means limited to:

— Geographic crossings, e.g. borderlands; refugees; migration

— Material and physical boundaries and passages, e.g. fences; walls; tunnels

— Incursions and intentional crossings, e.g. war, colonization; gentrification

— Crossing of private and public spaces, e.g. surveillance; digital privacy; trafficking

— Cultural crossings, e.g: translation; hybridity; interdisciplinarity; cross-genres; canonicity

— Crossings of bodies and minds, e.g. transgender experiences; skin markings; borderline personalities; interspecies interactions

Please contact IHC Director Susan Derwin (derwin@ihc.ucsb.edu) with your suggestions for productive and creative collaborations.

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