Translation is published by the Translation Studies Research Focus Group of the Interdisciplinary Humanities Center at the University Of California, Santa Barbara. Translation has sprung from the dialogue initiated during UCSB’s Spring 2004 symposium, “Literary Translation: Revisiting the Text in the Humanities.” On 29 April 2004, faculty and students from UCSB and other collaborating universities came together from across a variety of disciplines to address what has become an ongoing and dynamic inquiry into the interstices between the creative and scholarly activity of translation. The success of the symposium soon led to the formation of a Translation Studies Research Focus Group, comprised of faculty and graduate students who convene regularly to further examine the complex issues of translation.

Translation is dedicated to the publication of original translations and scholarly work exemplifying the complex task of translation.


Translation is a bi-annual publication with a new issue appearing every other fall, in odd-numbered years. Issue two, printed in October 2007, is now available.

Submissions are accepted every other fall, from September through December of even years. We generally accept submissions of original translations into English of short stories and poetry, as well as scholarly essays dealing with Translation Studies. Specific themes and other requirements for each issue will be posted accordingly. Please check back with us.

2008 CFP (Word Document)

Editorial Board

Ilana Luna
Summer Star

Advisory Board

Karen Bishop
Yunte Huang
Annette Levine
Suzanne Jill Levine
Sydney Lévy
Viola Miglio
Élide Valarini Oliver
Katherine Saltzman-Li
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