IHC Pre-Doctoral Fellow: Rahul Mukherjee

Rahul Mukherjee is a Doctcoral Candidate in Film and Media Studies. His dissertation is titled Competing Knowledges, Uncertain Futures: A Study of Mediated Technoscience Publics in India.

“Through case-studies in India, my dissertation explores media’s role in science controversies. The cases include arguments about effects of radiation from cell phone towers or clashes regarding the sustainability of nuclear energy. They involve a heterogeneous group of actors from scientists to civil society members deploying mediated representations to express their competing views. A key research question is: How do media engaging in technopolitical discourses address—and, in this process, constitute—their publics?The long-term effects of radiations from nuclear power plants and mobile tower antennas remain uncertain; therefore, the need for experts and the wider public to work together towards realizing future common worlds.”

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