TALK: Artist Lecture by Heather Cassils

Heather Cassils (artist)
Friday, April 18 / 6:00 PM
SRB Multi-Purpose Room*

*Please note the room  and time change for this event.

Heather Cassils is an artist who uses the physical body as sculptural mass with which to rupture societal norms. Drawing on conceptualism, feminism, body art, gay male aesthetics, and Hollywood cinema, Cassils creates a visual language that is at once emotionally striking and conceptually incisive. Bashing through binaries, Cassils performs trans not as something about crossing from one sex to another, but rather as a continual becoming, a process oriented way of being that works in a space of indeterminacy, spasm and slipperiness. Forging a series of powerfully trained bodies for different performantive and formal purposes, it is with sweat, blood and sinew that Cassils constructs a visual critique and discourse around physical and gender ideologies and histories.

Sponsored by the IHC, the Dept. of  Theater and Dance, the Resource Center for Gender and Sexual Diversity,  and the Dept. of Feminist Studies.

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