The Interdisciplinary Humanities Center offers an annual award (up to $1500) to support an innovative project in the visual, performing and media arts that engages creatively with issues of interdisciplinary concern. The competition is open to faculty and graduate students. Both individual and collaborative projects are eligible. Click here for more information about visual, performing, and media arts awards

Spring 2016

Scott Slade Wagner, Art, An Historically Colorful Mirror

Spring 2015

Peter Romaskiewicz, Religious Studies, Encountering a Buddha: An Early History of Buddhist Imagery in Mass Media
Emily C. Thomas, Art, Infinite Human Night Light
Shannon Willis, Art; Tim Wood, Media Arts and Technology, Quantum Love Story

Spring 2014

Jeff Mills, Theater and Dance, La La LaStrada
Pablo Colapinto, Media Art and Technology, Motion Structures: 3D Printed Studies in Bioconstructivism

Spring 2013

Sienna Cordoba, History; Warren Taylor, Materials Research Lab; Secret Texts

Spring 2012

Xarene Eskandar, Media Arts & Technology; SoundCloud
David Gordon, Music, Kon-Hyong Kim, Media Arts & Technology; SoundGene
Solen Kiratli DiCicco, Media Arts & Technology; Soundfield

Spring 2011

Desiree D’Alessandro, Art, Spectatorship in Art and Athleticism: The Form and Physicality of Boxing
Marco Pinter, Media Arts and Technology, Fragmented Reality: Perceptual Art at the Intersection of Sculpture, Dance, Media and Technology

Spring 2010

Stephanie L. Batiste, English/Black Studies, Stacks of Obits: a choreopoem
Deborah Spivak, Art History, Taylor and Mathias Film Archive: Ethnographic Study of South American Medicines
Raymond Uhlir, Art, The Tumulus, The Allegorical, and Sacred Space

Spring 2009

Salman Bakht, Media Arts and Technology (MAT), Christopher Jette, Music Department, Lovely Weather
Elizabeth Folk, Art, Pedestal Cafe
Julianne P. Gavino, History of Art and Architecture, Local Sitings/Global Inscriptions: the Public Life of Posters in San Francisco’s Chinatown, Manilatown, and Japantown

Spring 2008

Christopher Pilafian, Nancy Colahan, Gianna Abondolo, Melissa Ullom, Theater & Dance, Anemone
Alejandro Casazi, Harry Reese, Art Studio, Lungen
Graham Wakefield, Haru Ji, MAT, Artificial Nature as an Infinite Game

Spring 2007

Beth Wynstra, Theater and Dance, Nuestra Voz

Spring 2006

Lisa Jevbratt, Art and MAT, Anne-Marie Hansen, Art and MAT, Dan Overholt, Art and MAT for Pulse
Jenn Figg  Art Department for Garden of Murmurs
John Thompson, Music Department, Dan Overholt, MAT for Sonofusion

Spring 2005

Naomi Iizuka, Dramatic Art and Dance, for the Summer Theatre Lab panel discussions
Stephanie Nugent, Dramatic Art and Dance, for Hanging Outside the House, a collaborative dance piece later retitled One

Spring 2004

Naomi Iizuka, Dramatic Art and Dance, for the Summer Theatre Lab panel discussions
Celine Shimizu, Asian American Studies, for the experimental documentary film Birthright

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