Collaborative Research Grants
Awards will be made to support collaborative projects. Eligible projects include conferences at UCSB or in the Santa Barbara area; collaborative research or instructional projects by faculty members in one or more departments/ programs; and initiatives to bring visiting scholars and arts practitioners to campus for collaborative research or teaching. Award amounts up to $3000.00. Click here for more information about collaborative research grants.

Release Time Awards
Awards will be given to ladder-rank faculty members to release them from teaching for one quarter in order to concentrate on research projects. The award does not provide for release from summer teaching, nor does it provide a salary supplement. It will be calculated as a replacement cost of up to $5,000 for one course. Faculty members may receive this award once every five years, and must not teach during the award quarter. Recipients should be in residence at UCSB during the award quarter. Click here for more information about release time awards

Spring 2016
Release Time
Richard Ross, Art, My Brother’s In Juvie

Collaborative Projects
Heather Blurton, English; Dwight Reynolds, Religious Studies, Medieval Bestsellers versus Solitary Masterpieces: What was Read Then and Now
Colin Gardner, Art; Elyse Gonzales, Art, Design and Architecture Museum, New Colloquia

Fall 2015
Release Time
George Lipsitz, Black Studies and Sociology, Inured to Suffering and Afraid of Love
Glyn Salton-Cox, English, Good Comrades and Splendid Creatures: Queer Communism and the Making of the Midcentury Sexual Subject
Barbara Tomlinson, Feminist Studies, Inured to Suffering and Afraid of Love

Collaborative Projects
Paul Amar, Global Studies; Sherene Seikaly, History, After Tahrir: Egypt’s Revolutionary Experiences and Future Visions
Diane Fujino, Asian American Studies; Esther Lezra, Global Studies, Democratizing Education: Creating Racialized Spaces of Community Building Through Critical Pedagogy, Improvisation, and the Public Humanities
Bishnupriya Ghosh, English; Bhaskar Sarkar, Film and Media Studies, The Global-Popular Workshop
James Kearney, English; Irwin Appel, Theater and Dance, w/Shakespeare: Shakespeare, Phenomenology, Play
Amr El Abbadi, Computer Science; Laila Shereen Sakr, Film and Media Studies, R-Shief Media System Workshop

Spring 2015
Release Time
Elizabeth Heckendorn Cook, English and Comparative Literature, Talking Trees: Others and Ethics in British Enlightenment Literature

Collaborative Projects
Elisabeth Weber, German and Slavic Studies; Wolf Kittler, German and Slavic Studies; Julie Carlson, English; Metamorphosis: Human, Animal, Armor

Fall 2014
Release Time
Kate McDonald, History, Modern Japan and the Politics of Place: The Geography of Empire (declined)
Swati Rana, English, Retrograde Minorities: Problem Characters in Ethnic Literature, 1900-1960

Collaborative Projects
Claudio Fogu, French and Italian; Harold Marcuse, History; Werner Kuhn, Geography, Mary Hagarty, Psychology; A Spatial Turn in Holocaust Studies
Ann Marie Plane, History, Women, Gender, Sex: Social and Cultural Histories of the Long Nineteenth Century — a conference in honor of Patricia Cline Cohen
Katherine Saltzman-Li, East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies, War and Remembrance: Cultural Imprints of Japan’s Samurai Age

Spring 2014
Release Time
Enda Duffy, English, High Energy Modernism
James Kearney, English, Original Debt: Economies of Ethical Obligation in the Literature of Early Modern England

Collaborative Projects
Dwight Reynolds, Religious Studies; Scott Marcus, Music; The Musical Heritage of “Moorish Spain”
Aranye Fradenburg, English, On the Beach: Precariousness, Risk, Forms of Life, Affinity, and Play at the Edge of the World
Sabine Fruhstuck, East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies, Child’s Play: Multisensory Histories of Children and Childhoods in Japan and Beyond

Fall 2013
Release Time
Ross Melnick, Film and Media Studies: Screening the World: Hollywood’s Global Exhibition Empires, 1925-1982

Collaborative Projects
Eileen Boris, Feminist Studies; Diane Fujino, Asian American Studies: Re-reading the Feminist Sixties
Jennifer Holt, Constance Penley, Film and Media Studies: Dirty, Sexy Policy Conference
Dominique Jullien, Catherine Nesci, Jon Snyder, French and Italian Studies: American Mysteries: Urban Crime Fiction from Sue’s Mysteries of Paris to the American Noir and Steampunk
Suzanne Jill Levine, Spanish and Portuguese; John Nathan, East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies: Translation Studies Conference: Language, Literature and Culture as the Novel Goes Global

Spring 2013
Release Time
Felice Blake, English, Black Love, Black Hate: The Paradox of Intracommunal Conflict in African American Literature
Diane Fujino, Asian American Studies, Japanese Americans and the Contested Nature of Cold War Citizenship and Radical Democracy

Collaborative Projects
Nelson Lichtenstein, History, From the Academy to the Public Sphere: Writing Opinion Pieces for the Mainstream Media
John W. DuBois, Linguistics; Amy Kyratzis, Education; Gene Lerner, Sociology, LISO Symposium IV: “Multiple Engagements: Complexity in Human Involvement”

Fall 2012

Release Time
Lalaie Ameeriar, Asian American Studies; Downwardly Global: Re-Colonizing Pakistani Immigrant Bodies In the Age of Multiculturalism

Collaborative Projects
Jeremy Douglass, English; James Pulizzi, English; Scott Selisker, English; Mediating the Nonhuman
Michael Emmerich, East Asian Lanugages and Cultural Studies; Histories of the Japanese Book: Past, Present, Future

Spring 2012

Release Time
Adrienne L. Edgar, History, Marriage, Modernity, and the ‘Friendship of Nations’: Interethnic Intimacy in Soviet Central Asia, 1917-1991
David Novak, Music, Keywords in Sound Studies
Teresa Shewry, English, Possible Ecologies: Literature, Nature, and Hope in the Pacific

Collaborative Projects
Risa Brainin, Theater and Dance, Appoggiatura, a world premiere by James Still
Roberto Strongman, Black Studies, UC-Caribbean Conference: “Rising Tides”
Peter Sturman, History of Art & Architecture; Xiaorong Li, East Asian Languages & Cultural Studies, Image and the Imaginary in 17th-Century China

Fall 2011

Release Time
Mhoze Chikowero, History, African Music, Power and Being: Zimbabwe 1930s-1985
Sharon Farmer, History, Mediterranean Workers, the French Court, and the Beginnings of the Silk Cloth Industry in Thirteenth-Century Paris

Collaborative Projects
Aranye Fradenburg, English, “Can Fiction Make Us Care?”
Ruth Hellier-Tinoco, Music, Women Singers in Global Contexts: Music, Biography, and Identity
Jane Mulfinger, Art, and Stephanie Washburn, College of Creative Studies, This Was Funny Yesterday: Humor and Power in Contemporary Art

Spring 2011

Release Time
Thomas Carlson, Religious Studies, Toward the Heart of the Secular: On Modernity as a Form of Love
Lisa Jacobson, History, Fashioning New Cultures of Drink: Alcohol’s Quest for Legitimacy after Prohibition
Gabriela Soto Laveaga, History, Sanitizing Revolt: Physicians, Public Health, and Repression in Mexico, 1964-1968

Collaborative Projects
Eileen Boris, Feminist Studies; Patricia Cline Cohen, History, The Past, Present, and Future of Feminist Studies
Risa Brainin, Theater and Dance, Entangled: A World Premiere
John Foran, Sociology; Richard Widick, Orfalea Center, Earth in Crisis: The Emergence of New Political Cultures for Global Climate Justice
Cynthia S. Kaplan, Political Science; Adrienne Edgar, History, Kazakhstan: The Meaning of Language for Ethnic and National Identity
Christina McMahon, Theater and Dance; Stephen Miescher, History; Jude Akudinobi, Black Studies, Gender, Creative Dissidence, and the Discourses of African Diaspora: A Colloquium in Honor of Ama Ata Aido’s 70th Birthday

Fall 2010

Release Time
ann-elise lewallen, East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies, The Fabric of Indigeneity: Ainu, Clothwork, and Gender in Postcolonial Japan
Richard Ross, Art, Juvenile In Justice
Richard Wittman, History of Art and Architecture, The Long Reconstruction of San Paolo fuori le mura in Rome (1823-19290: Space, Information, and the Sacred

Individual Research Assistance
Kum-Kum Bhavnani, Sociology, Nothing Like Chocolate
Melissa Curtin, Linguistics, Situating “Chinese Cosmopolitanism” in the Linguistic Landscape of Taipei
George Legrady, MAT, Prototyping a Cultural Archive

Collaborative Projects
Sharon Farmer, History, Framing the Word: Bibles in European Culture and Society, c. 1250-1611
Clyde Woods, George Lipsitz and Gaye Johnson, Black Studies, Black Calirofnia Dreamin’: Social Vision and the Crisis of California’s African American Communities

Spring 2010

Release Time
Mary Bucholtz, Linguistics, Embodied Language: Discourse and Materiality in Gender and Sexuality

Individual Research Assistance
Patricia Hall, Music, The Oxford Handbook of Music Censorship
Mira Kingsley, Theater & Dance, Mira Kingsley: Solo Commissioning Project
S. Cecilia Mendez Gastelumendi, History, The Wars Within: Civil Strife, National Imaginings, and the Rural Basis of the Peruvian State
Xiaojian Zhao, Asian American Studies, Gender and Chinese Immigration: From Kinship Ties to Women’s Networks

Collaborative Projects
Aranye Fradenburg, English, Entrenchment and Plasticity: Linguistic and Literary Change
Kim Yasuda, Art, Mike Goodchild, Geography, and Martin Raubal, Cognitive Science, Public Research, Participation, and Place: A Collective Mapping of Isla Vista, CA

Fall 2009

Release Time
Greg Siegel, Film and Media Studies, Forensic Media: Accidents, Catastrophes, and Cultural Traces
Mayfair Yang, Religious Studies, Re-enchanting Modernity: Sovereignty, Ritual Economy, and Indigenous Civil Order in Coastal China

Individual Research Assistance
Peter S. Alagona, History and Environmental Studies, The California Landscape History Project
Brice Erickson, Classics, Lerna: Archaeology of an Ancient Greek Village
Bishnupriya Ghosh, English, Global Icons in Public Culture

Collaborative Projects:
Colin Gardner, Art, Facs of Life
Christopher Pilafian, Theater and Dance, and Ninotchka Bennahum, Theater and Dance, The Speeds Project
Christine M. Thomas, Religious Studies, and Elizabeth DePalma Digeser, History, The Ancient Mediterranean City in Real Space

Spring 2009

Release Time
Jennifer Holt, Film and Media Studies, Empires of Entertainment: Deregulation and the Media Industries 1980-1996
Mireille Miller-Young, Feminist Studies, Brown Sugar: Black Women in Pornography

Individual Research Assistance:
William Davies King, Theater and Dance, Disconnect from Nowhere, Namely Chatauqua
Christina McMahon, Theater and Dance, Lusophone Theatre Festivals in Africa: Staging Transnationalism in the Portuguese-Speaking World

Collaborative Projects:
Cynthia Brown, French and Italian, Women, Culture and the Arts in Medieval and Renaissance Europe
Mary Bucholtz, Linguistics and Dolores Inés Casillas, Chican@ Studies, Vox California: Cultural Meanings of Linguistic Diversity
Aranye Fradenburg, English, Literature and the Emotions: Talking Cures
Salim Yaqub, History, Bridging Worlds: New Approaches to U.S.-Middle East Relations

Fall 2008

Release Time
Paul Amar, Law and Society, Theaters of Commando Masculinities: Racial Cultures and Gender Architectures of Police-Industry Trade Fairs and Urban Warfare Training Facilities for Law Enforcement
José Cabezón, Religious Studies, Buddhism and Sexuality: Eros and its Control in Classical India and Tibet
Russell Samolsky, English, Killing Dogs: Art and the Afterlife of Animals

Individual Research Assistance
Michael Berry, East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies, China’s Americas: Imagining the U.S. through Chinese Literature, Film and Popular Culture
Lisa Hajjar, Law and Society, Lawfare: The Legal Campaign to Challenge the American Torture Policy and Restore the Rule of Law
Maryam Kia-Keating, Counseling, Clinical and School Psychology, Risk and Resilience among Resettled Refugee and Immigrant Adolescents
Xiorong Li, East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies, Rewriting the Inner Chambers: The Boudoir in Late Imperial Chinese Poetry and Beyond

Collaborative Projects:
Allison Carruth, English and Stephanie LeMenager, English, Food Sustainability & Food Security Conference
Peter Bloom, Film and Media Studies, and Stephan Miescher, History, Transnational Feminisms in Africa: A Seminar and Related Events with Professor Takyiwaa Manuh at UCSB
Silvia Bermúdez, Spanish and Portuguese, Constitutional Spain: Culture and Democracy, 1978-2008
Nelson Lichtenstein, History, and Catherine Fisk, UC Irvine School of Law, The American Right and the U.S. Labor Movement: Politics, Ideology, and Imagination

Spring 2008

Release Time
Eve Darian-Smith, Law and Society, Religion, Race, Rights: Landmarks in the History of Modern Anglo-American Law
Horacio N. Roque Ramirez, Chicana and Chicano Studies, The Memory of AIDS: Public Culture and the Politics of Remembrance
Sarah Cline, History, Painting Race and Hierarchy in Colonial Mexico

Individual Research Assistance
Racha el Omari, Religious Studies, Al-Ka’bi and the Baghdadi Mu’tazilite School
John W.I. Lee, History, Warfare and Society in the Anatolian Borderlands, 550-350 BC
Sabine Früstück, East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies, Against Militarization: Childhood in the Twentieth Century
Mary Hancock, Anthropology and History, Christian Missionization and the Making of Domestic Modernity in Colonial South India

Collaborative Projects
Daniela Soleri, Geography, Maize and Migration in Our Lives: Understanding Change and Persistence in One Maize Farming Family in Oaxaca, Mexico
Mary Bucholtz, Linguistics and Doris Ines Casillas, Chicana and Chicano Studies, Vox California: Cultural Meanings of Linguistic Diversity
Jeffrey Stewart, Black Studies, Black to ’68: A Global Year in Education

Fall 2007

Release Time
Stephanie LeMenager, English, Weather Events: Climate and Culture in North America
Racha el Omari, Religious Studies, Abu I’Qasim al Balkhi/al-Ka’bi and the Baghdadi Mu’tazilite School
Claudio Fogu, French and Italian, Modernism and Mediterranean Fantasies in Twentieth-Century Italian Culture

Individual Research Assistance
Frances Hickson Hahn, Classics, Gratitude, Laud and Honor: The Political Implications of Public Rituals of Thanksgiving from Roman Republic to Augustan Principate

Collaborative Projects
Apostolos Athanassakis, Classics, Space and Architecture in Modern Greece
Stephanie LeMenager, English, Beyond Environmentalism: Culture, Justice, and Global Ecology
Swati Chattopadhyay, History of Art, Bhaskar Sarkar, Film Studies, Bishnupriya Ghosh, English, Democracy by Force?
George Lipsitz, Clyde Woods, Black Studies, Race, Space, and Power
Anna Everett, Film Studies, William Warner, English, Console-ing Passions: An International Conference on Television, Audio, Video, New Media and Feminism
Catherine Nesci, French and Italian, Writing, Performance and Theatricality in George Sand’s Works

Spring 2007

Release Time
Elizabeth Heckendorn Cook, English, British Silva Culture: Trees and Forests in the Long Eighteenth Century
Kathleen M. Moore, Law and Society, Strange Bedfellows: The Civic Engagement of Muslim- and Christian-Americans in American Interest Group Politics
Erin Khuê Ninh, Asian American Studies, Ingratitude: A Cultural Theory of Power in Asian American Women’s Literature
Ann Marie Plane, History, “When I Awaked”: Dreams, Trances, Visions and the Colonization of Consciousness in Seventeenth-Century New England

Individual Research Assistance
Dorota Dutsch, Classics, Words Between: Feminine Speech in Roman Comedy
Sharon Farmer, History, Saracen Paris: Oriental Luxuries, Parisian Crafts and the Making of Europe’s Fashion Capital

Collaborative Projects
Leo Cabranes-Grant, Spanish and Portuguese, Catherine Cole, Theater and Dance, African and Afro-Caribbean Performance conference
Sabine Fruhstuck, East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies, Masculinities in Japan
Sandra Thompson, Linguistics, Gene Lerner, Sociology, Geoffrey Raymond, Sociology, Grammar in Real Time: Linguistic Structure as Co-ordinated Action
Hsiao-jung Yu, East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies, The Buddhist Influence on Chinese Language and Literature
Richard Hecht and Wade Clark Roof, Religious Studies, Exploring the Contribution of Walter H. Capps to the Study of Religion

Fall 2006

Release Time
Cristina Venegas, Film Studies
Gaye Johnson, Black Studies

Individual Research Assistance
Rita Raley, English
Celene Parranas Shimizu. Asian American Studies

Collaborative Projects
Kathleen Moore, Law and Society/Center for Middle East Studies, Conference Al-Jazeera and the New Arab Media
Ann Taves and Micheal Gazzaniga Religious Studies; Psychology Conference: Synaesthesia in the Arts, Religion, and Cognitive Science
Eileen Boris, Women’s Studies, Intimate Labors: an Interdisciplinary Conference
Mary Bucholtz; Jenny Cook-Gumperz; Gene Lerner, Linguistics; Education; Sociology, Language, Interaction and Social Organization

Spring 2006

Release Time
Michael Berry, East Asian
Anita Guerrini, Environmental Studies/History
Harry Reese, Art
Jon Snyder, French and Italian
Jaqueline Stevens, Law and Society

Risa Brainin for TAG
Grace Chang, Women’s Studies, Jim Lee, Asian American Studies
Carl Gutierrez-Jones, English and George Lipsitz, Sociology
George Legrady, JoAnn Kuchera-Morin, Marko Peljhan, MAT

Kum Kum Bhavnani, Sociology
Patricia Hall, Music
Thomas Scheff, Sociology
Tonia Shimin, Dance

Fall 2005

Release Time
Jocelyn Holland, Germanic, Slavic, Semitic Studies, The Poetics of Procreation – Literary and Scientific Theories of Generation around 1800

Steven Gross, Music, Disciplining the Horn conference, January 2006
Fikret Yegul, History of Art and Architecture (with UCLA collaborative team), A Digital Drawing Model: The Temple of Artemis Project
Anita Guerrini, History, Straws in the Wind: Ballads and Broadsides 1500-1800, conference, February 2005

Dana Driskel, Film Studies, The American Film Company Database
Mireille Miller-Young, Women’s Studies, A Taste for Brown Sugar: Black Women in American Pornography
Suk-Young Kim, Dramatic Art, Documenting the Narratives of the North Korean Camp Concentration Camp Survivor

Spring 2005

Release Time
Swati Chattopadhyay, History of Art and Architecture, Unlearning the City
Jane Mulfinger, Art/CCS, Two site specific art works in Britain
Guisela LaTorre, Chicano/a Studies, Walls of Empowerment: California Chicana/o Murals and Indigenist Aesthetics, 1970-2000
Tim Cooley, Music, California Vernacular: Surfing as Cultural Practice, Surf Music

Bernard Comrie/Carol Genetti, Linguistics, Languages and Genes conference, September 2006
Swati Chattopadhyay, Art History, Subaltern II conference, Fall 2005

Fall 2004

Release Time
Eve Darian-Smith, Law and Society. Culture, Custom, Power, Law: Legal Anthropology and the Interdisciplinary Study of Law.
Sabine Fruhstuck, East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies. Avant-Garde: The Army of the Future.
Frances Hahn, Classics. Gratitude, Laud and Honor: The Politics of Thanksgiving in Ancient Rome.
Xiaojian Zhao, Asian American Studies. The New Chinese America: Networks and Social Hierarchy.

Individual Research Assistance
Dana Driskel, Film Studies. American Film Company Database.
Helen Callus, Music. Recording project of literature for viola and symphony orchestra by British composers of the early 20th century.

Collaborative Projects
Juan Campo, Religious Studies; Nancy Gallagher, History; Lisa Hajjar, Law and Society; Scott Marcus, Music. Iraq in Crisis: Where Do We Go From Here? Seventh Annual Regional Middle East Studies Conference.
John Du Bois, Linguistics; Sandra Thompson, Linguistics; Amy Kyratzis, Education; Don Zimmerman, Sociology, Paul Drew. Conference on Language, Interaction, and Social Organization.
Ed English, History/Medieval Studies; Carol Lansing, History. Medieval Studies Conference: The Inquisitions Reopened.
Anna Everett, Film Studies/Black Studies; Guisela Latorre, Chicano Studies. Conference: AfroGEEKS II: International Perspective on the Digital Divide.
Suzanne J. Levine, Spanish and Portuguese; Yunte Huang, English; Annette Levine, Graduate Student. Focus in Translation: Pilot Journal: First Issue: Proceedings of Humanities Conference April 2004: Literary Translation in the Humanities: Revisiting the Text.
Janet Walker, Film Studies; Kwame Braun, Art and Film Studies. (Auto)biographies of Survival.
Kim Yasuda, Art; Harry Reese, Art; Jane Mulfinger, Art; Marco Peljhan, Art; Chris Miller-Fisher, Architect. “Home Free I.V.”: Action Research Design Group: Design Model for Mixed Use Faculty Housing and Research Center in the Community of Isla Vista. $3000.00

Spring 2004

Release Time
George Legrady, Art Studio. Global Collaborative Visual Mapping Archive.
Gabriela Soto-Laveaga, History. Jungle Laboratories: Mexican Peasants and the Global Search for Hormones, 1941-1989.

Individual Research Assistance
Sylvia Bermudez, Spanish and Portuguese. The Past is Never Dead.
Sarah Lindheim, Classics. Terminal Anxiety: Boundaries and their Transgression in Roman Poetry of the Augustan Age and Early Empire.
Luke Roberts, History. Denationalizing the Past in Pre-Modern Japan.
Hung Cam Thai, Asian American Studies. For Better of For Worse: Marriage and Migration in the New Economy.

Collaborative Projects
Kum-Kum Bhavnani, GISP/Sociology. Conference: On the Edges of Development.
King/Young/Abbott/Storm, Drama/English. Conference: Science, Theatre, Audience, Reader: Theoretical Physics in Drama and Narrative.
Spieker/Kittler, Germanic and Slavic. Conference: Calculating Machines: Art Between Relay and Network.

Fall 2003

Release Time
Sharon Farmer, History. Saracen Paris: Eastern Commodities, Parisian Industry, and the Making of Europe’s Fashion Capital.
Nelson Lichtenstein, History. Triumphalism and Apocalypse: Intellectuals and American Capitalism in the 20th Century.
Richard Ross, Art Studio. Waiting for the End of the World.

Individual Research Assistance
Laurel Beckman, Art Studio. On Board and Awake!
Joshua Fogel, History, East Asian. East Meets West: The Mission of the Senzaimaru in 1862.

Collaborative Projects
Swati Chattopadhyay, Art History and Bhaskar Sarkar, Art History. Conference: Subaltern and the Popular.
Anna Everett, Film Studies. Conference: AfroGEEKS: From Technophobia to Technophilia.
Lisa Hajjar, Law and Society. Facts, Rights and Remedies: Enforcing International Law in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.
Yunte Huang, English. Visiting Series on Poetics.

Spring 2003

Release Time
Catherine Cole, Dramatic Art. Stages of Transition: South Africa’s Truth Commission and Performance.
Lisa Jevbratt, Art Studio, Media Arts and Technology. Infome Imager.
Fredrik Logevall, History. The Struggle for Indochina, 1945-1965.
Laurie J. Monahan, History of Art and Architecture. Kiosk Culture.
Michael A. Osborne, History, Environmental Studies. A Medicine of Place and Race: The Emergence of Tropical Medicine in France

Fall 2002

Release Time
Kip Fulbeck, Art Studio. The Hapa Project: Portraits of Multiracial Asian Americans.
Marko Peljhan, Art Studio. Makrolab2003- Venice Biennale.
William B. Warner, English. Early American Networks.

Individual Research Assistance
Mark Maslan, English. False Lives: History, Memoir, and Contemporary Fiction.
Kenneth Moure, History. Controlling Prices, Rationing Goods: State Controls and Black Markets in France, 1939-1958.
Eric Luis Prieto, French and Italian. Avant-Gardist Innovations in the Narrative Representation of Place.

Collaborative Projects
Roger Friedland, Religious Studies; John Mohr, Sociology. The Cultural Turn: Institutions and Instituting.
Gene Lerner, Sociology; Sandy Thompson, Linguistics; Chuck Bazerman, Education. Ninth Annual Conference on Language and Social Interaction.
Scott L. Marcus, Music. Tabla Practice, Tabla Performance, and the Cultural Context of North Indian Classical Music in Nepal and India.
William I. Robinson, Sociology; Richard Appelbaum, Sociology. Towards a Critical Globalization Studies: Continuing Debates, New Directions and Neglected Topics.
Elisabeth Weber, Germanic, Slavic, and Semetic Studies; Thomas Carlson, Religious Studies. Irreconciliable Differences? Jacques Derrida and the Question of Religion.

Spring 2002

Release Time
Cornelia Fales, Music. Inanga Bongerera of Burundi.
Diane Fujino, Asian American Studies. Japanese American Radicalsim in the Twentieth Century.
Paul Spickard, History. Foreigners/ American Race, Colonialism, and Immigration in American History and Identity “Resistance in Theory”.
Simon Williams, Dramatic Art. Richard Wagner and the Romantic Hero.

Individual Research Assistance
Hilary J. Bernstein, History. Erudition in the Provinces: Traditions of Urban History in Early Modern France.
Shirley Geok-Lin Lim, English. Telling America in Asian American Life-Writing.
Sears J. McGee, History. Lay Piety and Politics in England, 1590-1660.

Collaborative Projects
Jose Ignacio Cabezon, Religious Studies. A Cultural Cartography of Sera Byes Monastic University.
H.A. Drake, History. Violence, Victims and Vindication in Late Antiquity.
Lisa Fales, Music. Beyond Noise: Acoustic, Technical, and Metaphorical Aspects of Noise in Music and Visual Arts.
Christine M. Thomas, Religious Studies. A Corpus of Christian Inscriptions and Monuments in Phrygia.

Fall 2001

Release Time
Elizabeth Heckendorn Cook, English. Natural Histories, Cultural Landscapes.

Individual Research Assistance
Silvia Bermudez, Spanish and Portuguese. Multilingual Spain: Native Tongues and/in Ambilingual Writers.
David A. Cleveland, Anthropology and Environmental Studies. The Changing Culture of Maize in Oaxaca, Mexico.
Sabine Fruhstuck, East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies. Masculinity and Modernity in Japan.
Kip Fulbeck, Art Studio. HAPA: Visual Self-Analysis of Multiracial Asians.
Stuart Tyson Smith, Anthropology. Askut Fort: Empire & Interaction on Ancient Egypt’s Southern Frontier.
Juliet Williams, Law and Society and Women’s Studies. On the Subject of Desire.

Collaborative Projects
Dorothy Chun, Germanic Slavic and Semetic Studies; Timothy McGovern, Germanic, Slavic, and Semetic Studies. Electronic Bibliography in Applied Linguistics (EBAL).
Nelson Lichtenstein, History. Capitalism and its Culture: Rethinking Mid-20th Century American Social Thought.
William Kraft, Music. 11th Annual UCSB New Music Festival and World Premiere of the Opera “Red Azalea” by William Kraft.
Paul Spickard, History. Race and Nation, Identity, andd Power: Ethnic Systems Around the World.
Melissa M. Wilcox, Religious Studies. Queer Visions in the Americas: A Conference on LGBT/Q Studies in Religion.

Spring 2001

Release Time
Stephen M. Miescher, History. “To Be a Man is Hard”: Negotiating Masculinities in Twentieth-Century China.
Carol B. Pasternack, English. The Individual, the Family, and the Text in Anglo-Saxon England: Chapt. 3.
Erika Rappaport, History. Buying Love: Family, Consumption, and Middle Class Culture in Modern England.
Laura Wittman, French and Italian. Modernist Mysticism.

Individual Research Assistance
C. Edson Armi, History of Art and Architecture. Contemporary American Car Design.
Jane S. DeHart, History. The Politics of National Identity.
Nancy Gallagher, History. Amnesty International and the Construction of Muslim Women’s Human Rights.
William Kraft, Music. Recording Two Works: “A Kennedy Portrait” and “Settings from Pierrot Lunaire”.
Fredrik Logevall, History. The Struggle for Indochina, 1945-1965.
Mark A. Meadow, History of Art and Architecture. The Fuggers, Lisbon, and the New World.
Mary I. O’Connor, Institute for Social, Behavior, and Economic Research. Evangelical Protestantism and Transnational Networks Among the Mixteco Indians of San Quintin, Baja California.
Melissa M. Wilcox, Religious Studies. Los Angeles Women and Spirituality Project.

Collaborative Projects
Charles Bazerman, Charles Li, and Carol Holder, Education. Writing As a Human Activity: An Interdisciplinary Conference at UCSB.
Eileen Boris, Women’s Studies. Women’s Studies, Disciplinarity and Interdisciplinarity: Conversations for Change.
Catherine Cole and Nina Fales, Drama. West African Performance Ensemble and Artistic Residency.
Colin Gardener and Jane Callister, Art Studio. Diabolical Beauty: A Collaborative Project.

Fall 2000

Release Time
Julie Carlson, English. Public Lives: England’s First Family of Writers.
Sven Spieker, Germanic, Slavic, and Semetic Studies. Archive Fever: Storage, Memory, Media.

Individual Research Assistance
Hilary J. Bernstein, History. Politics and Civic Culture in Sixteenth-Century Poitiers.
Catherine Cole, Dramatic Art. Ghana’s Concert Play Theatre.
Simonetta Falasca-Zamponi, Sociology. Conceptualizing the Sacred: Politics, Culture, Society and the College de Sociologie, 1937-1939.
Ulrich F. Keller, History of Art and Architecture. Picturing Art History.
Sandra A. Thompson, Linguistics. Conversation and Grammar.

Collaborative Projects
Victor Fuentes and Silvia Bermudez, Spanish and Portuguese. Trobada Catalana/ Catlan Encounter in Culture and Literature.
Charles Bazerman, Education; Sandra A. Thompson, Linguistics; Don Zimmerman, Sociology. Conference on Language, Interaction, and Social Organization.

Spring 2000

Release Time
Cynthia J. Brown, French and Italian. Women and Books in Late Medieval and Renaissance Europe: Female Readers, Owners, and Makers; Oeuvres completes of Pierre Gringore (Volume II).
Maro Garcia, History and Chicano Studies. Becoming Chicanos: Identity,,,
Mary Hancock, Anthropology. Local Pasts in a Global City.

Individual Research Assistance
Jane Dehart, History. Litigating Equality: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Feminist Lawyers and the Court.
Nancy Gallagher, History. The Politics of Memory: Quaker
Mark Meadow, History of Art. Hans Jacob Fugger and the Birth of the Wunderkammer.
Bhaskar Sarkar, Film Studies. Mourning the Nation: Partition Discourse in Recent Indian Audiovisual Media.
Candace Wald, English. Norton Critical Edition of Wharton’s Historical Novel, The Age of Innocence.

Collaborative Projects
Carl Gutierrez-Jones, English; Denise Segura, Sociology; Jonathan Inda, Chicano Studies. Racialization of Crime.
Tsuyoshi Hasegawa and Fredrik Logevall, History. Soviet Leader, Ideology, and the Cold War.
Bruce Robertson and Mark Meadow, History of Art. Towards Comparative Epistemology.
Richard Ross, Art Studio. Artist Exchange UNAM-Mexico.
Paul Spickard, History; Wade-Clark Roof, Religious Studies. Revealing the Sacred in Asia America.

Fall 1999

Release Time
Ellen McCracken, Spanish and Portuguese. Identity, World, and Image: The Cultural Production of Fray Angelico Chevez.
Kim Yasuda, Art Studio. Japan – U.S. Residency for the Visual Arts.

Individual Research Assistance
Jill Felber Bambach, Music. ZAWA! Flute Duo at Carnegie Hall.
Fredrik Logevall, History. The Struggle for Vietnam, 1945-1965.

Collaborative Projects
Francesca Bray, Anthropology; Charles Li, Linguistics. Renegotiating the Scope of Chinese Studies.
Tsuyoshi Hasegawa, History; Aaron Belkin, Political Science. An Early End to the Cold War? Cold Culture and the East-West Conflict in the Aftermath of Stalin’s Death, 1953-1956.
Francisco A. Lomeli, Chicano Studies; J. Manual Casas, Spanish and Portuguese. Chicano Studies Colloquium.

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