IHC Pre-Doctoral Fellow: Anne Cong-Huyen

Anne Cong-Huyen is a Doctoral Candidate in English. Her dissertation is titled Host and Server: The Literature and Media of Temporariness in an Age of Globalized Networks.

This project traces the emergence of temporariness, a term used to conceptualize the widespread phenomena of rising provisional labor, transitory migration, multi-national and transnational corporations, and increased flows of information, capital, and people across national boundaries. Based within literary and media studies, I examine a variety of texts including novels, films, digital texts, official and corporate documents, using an interdisciplinary framework that draws from sociology, digital humanities, and postcolonial studies, Ultimately, I argue that temporariness can be beneficial to some, while disenfranchising to others, and these differences make themselves visible in the cultural texts that emerge amidst rise of temporariness.

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