Announcing the 2013-14 Interdisciplinary Humanities Center events series: The Value of Care

Responding to the needs of others and relying upon others are twin conditions of human interconnectedness. The Interdisciplinary Humanities Center’s 2013-14 series “The Value of Care” will explore the many ways that cultures have organized themselves around care as a creative and transformative constant of life, how they have fostered bonds that enable individuals and groups to survive and thrive, and how institutional practices of care have an ambivalent potential: able to legitimate the vulnerable populations they serve or deprive them of a viable place in society.

Throughout the year, “The Value of Care” will feature philosophers, documentary filmmakers, architects, artists, bioethicists, journalists, mental health professionals, labor historians and other scholars, who will present projects about care from diverse perspectives.

Please contact IHC Director Susan Derwin  or Associate Director Emily Zinn with your suggestions and ideas for productive and creative collaborations.

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